If you're dating a Virgo or have dated one, there are certain things you know very well. While some of the situations are annoying, some are undeniably adorable. Here are 10 things you probably know about your perfect significant other.

1. They are very emotional. 

While the situation is never serious, they always get more upset about situations than others. They will bring on the tears before anyone else.

2. They are shy.

If they need ketchup at the restaurant, they are not asking. They will go without before they come out of their bubble.

3. They are very picky. 

From making up their bed perfectly to picking dinner, it has to be perfect and exactly how they want it. It can’t be anyone’s way, but theirs.

4. They do not show emotion. 

While they love you to death, they don’t know how to put it into words to tell you that. Showing emotion just doesn’t work out that well for them.

5. They are caring. 

They will listen to your long life stories and remember the little details of them. They truly care about you and whatever you have to say.

6. They are selfless. 

When it comes to picking our what is for dinner, it will always be up to you. It’s never their choice, because they want you happy.

7. They are very loyal. 

Cheating never cross their mind. They worship the ground you walk on, so hurting you would be the very last thing they would want to do.

8. They enjoy their freedom. 

Whether they want to hang out with their friends or have some time to themselves, they need a little freedom. While they might not tell you they need it, they’ll drop hints to let you know.

9. They are very attached. 

They are very attached whether it is family, animals, or old photos, there is always some type of attachment. You know they will never let go.

10. They are hardworking. 

They will work for what they want and of course what they need. They will work hard to make sure they can keep you happy.

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