10 Unfortunate Lessons You Learn From F*cking With F*ckboys

10 Unfortunate Lessons You Learn From F*cking With F*ckboys

I wish you were as great as you talk yourself up to be.

F*ckboys: We can't live with 'em, but for some unexplainable reason, we can't live without 'em either.

Whether you enjoy the massive amounts of stress or countless texts that go unanswered, I understand your predicament and feel your pain. It doesn't matter if you've had the "pleasure" of knowing one f*ckboy or twenty-seven. At the end of the day, they all teach you the same things.

1. They lie, sometimes religiously.

"No, I don't talk to her anymore."
"Sorry, I never saw your text!"

Sound familiar? Lying is in their blood and they're proud. Sometimes they don't even know the difference between right and wrong because they've spent so much time hiding things. If you've been unlucky enough to meet one of these people, run. Trust me, it's not worth your time.

2. They think they're more clever than they actually are.

Girls know everything. So never doubt our ability to uncover the truth because we can find out exactly where you were last Tuesday at 9:32pm and which girl you were seeing when you were "too busy" to respond to a text.

3. They're professional ghosters.

They wouldn't be f*ckboys if they always replied to your texts in a timely manner (or at all), right? Realize when they're truly busy and when they're just ignoring you.

4. You're never the only one.

You're completely naive if you think otherwise. If there isn't already someone else, they're always on the lookout for her.

5. They're vain AF.

Name one f*ckboy that doesn't think the world of himself. That's right, you can't because they wouldn't be f*ckboys if they didn't have massive egos. Shout out to the girls out there who aren't afraid to keep these boys in check every once in awhile.

6. Friendship or "friendship," pick one.

The idea of "friends with benefits" is great, but it's not actually possible. Your relationship always leans more heavily on one side. Most likely, it's the "friendship" side with a small touch of true friendship. I mean, honestly, have you ever been in a situation where it's truly 50/50 and not awkward in public?

7. They'll make you crazy.

If you weren't already borderline crazy/obsessive/possessive, trust me, they'll make you seem over-the-top insane. They know exactly how many times to text you first before leaving you questioning your status and obsessively checking Snap Map to figure out which "friend's" house they're visiting.

8. Your friends will be annoyed by your pettiness and complaints.

Best friends deserve all the gold stars, good karma, and non-f*ckboys in the world for putting up with your constant pettiness, complaints, and what-if scenarios. No matter how many times you go through these situations with each other, they never really get easier. But at least you have each other to complain about that with, too!

9. Once a f*ckboy, always a f*ckboy.

You can't change people. They are who they are, and while there might be moments when they prove they're not completely terrible, those don't come along often. I'm not saying every f*ckboy lacks respect (for women), but be careful because some do.

10. No matter how hard you try, you will never be as heartless as they are.

It doesn't matter how often or hard you try to master the f*ckboy lifestyle--you can't and won't be able to do it because you likely have at least an ounce of human decency and respect for others. While not every f*ckboy is equally as heartless or always extremely rude, it's safe to say that you don't think he's a f*ckboy because he's always thinking about you and your needs.

But let's be real: no matter how many times you re-live these lessons, you still never learn.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

To The Girl ‘Falls In Love Too Fast,’ Nothing Is Wrong With You, You Just Know What You Want

If it were as easy for everyone else, life would be a little less unfair.


You meet someone, and suddenly you fall in love, and they are the one. You have felt this way many times, about many different people, and you will never understand why. You will never know why you imagine a life together in your head when you have only known each other for a couple of weeks and have been on maybe four dates. It is hard because you've heard too many people make fun of those women, the ones that fall in love too fast. People say that they are easy, that they are crazy, that they do not know what love is.

But you know what love is, right? Just because you fall faster than most doesn't mean you are weird, right? It has never been explained to you, and it definitely should have been, but what you need to know is that you are not alone.

There are other women on this earth—heck, there are millions of women on this earth—that feel emotions as strongly as you do.

Once you feel a connection, you run with it; you grab onto it with both hands, and you don't let it go because how can you let a good thing like that slip through your fingers? Why would you pass up any chance to find love?

You are the girl who gets too attached, you are the girl who falls too quickly, you are the girl who loves too hard, and it is bizarre. Not to you, of course, never to you, this is how you have always been.

But to others…

You see the way they look at you, and you know better than to say the L word sooner than is socially acceptable because you have learned. It does not matter how strongly you might feel it, you know what people will say.

It has ruined you because, according to the world, there is a time limit on love.

They treat love as if it is a grenade; if it is handled wrong, it can blow up in your face, if it is set off too quickly, it will never be effective.

They think love is a war and dating is the battlefield, and you are their enemy. As if love is something to be measured in time and in victories.

You know better.

You have learned that who you make people uncomfortable, and you have taught yourself to hide this basic, primal, essential part of you, and that isn't fair at all.

But love for you is easy, and maybe if it were as easy for everyone else, life would be a little less unfair.

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7 Autumn Things You Should Do Before Cuffing Season, Whether You're Cuffed Or Not

News flash: You don't need to have a boyfriend to go hard at the pumpkin patch.


Welcome to the best part of the year! From now until the end of December, may all your days be filled with pumpkin patches, haunted houses, Christmas lights and festive movies.

If you know me at all, you know I go hard during the holidays. The thing I never understand is when people think they can't do cute, fun fall things because they're not in a relationship. Whoever came up with that mentality, you're canceled.

Life is way too short. Are you really going to miss out on doing fun things because you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend to do them with? No.

Here are some cute and fun fall things you should do this year, whether you're single or in a relationship:

1. Go to the pumpkin patch

Grab some girlfriends, go to a pumpkin patch and take cute pictures. You don't need a boyfriend to take pictures with. Girls know how to pose better anyway, and they won't complain about how many pictures you want to take.

Keep that Instagram aesthetic up, baby.

2. Paint pumpkins

After you come home from the pumpkin patch, grab your friends or younger siblings and paint those pumpkins! It's way less messy than carving, and it's easier. Plus, there are a lot of opportunities to get creative.

They also last longer without rotting that way.

3. Three words: Target's dollar section

If you've never been to the Target dollar section, it is the closest you'll get to heaven before dying. It's the fastest — and cheapest — way to decorate your house or dorm for any holiday. Grab your roommates and ball out. #spookyszn.

4. Watch childhood Halloween movies

I'm talking "Halloweentown," "Twitches," "Hocus Pocus" — all the good stuff. While you're watching, make sure to make those cookies with the pumpkins and ghosts on them. (You know the ones I'm talking about.)

5. Bake with your family

If you go home for Thanksgiving, really cherish that time with them. They miss you! Make old family recipes and listen to their childhood stories.

6. Sweater shopping

Did I feel it drop below 80 degrees? Bust out the sweaters.

We love good fall fashion. And if you go sweater shopping with your friends, you won't even have to convince them to tag along. Break the bank and pick out some cozy sweaters for each other.

7. Go to a haunted house

You're really going to tell me that you're not going to go to a haunted house because you don't have a boy's hand to hold?

Not only do your friends have hands, but so do you. Hold each other's hands and embrace the high-pitched screams. Go through that haunted house like a champ! (Or, if you're really too scared, dress like a boy. They'll scare you less.)

All jokes aside, whether you're single or in a relationship, that's good for you. Just don't let these times pass you by. You won't get these days back.

It's the best time of the year, so enjoy it with the people around you!

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