Everyone talks about October to December being "cuffing season" because no one wants to go to a haunted house alone or curl up and watch a holiday movie alone. Well, guess what? NOVEMBER IS PART OF THE LONELY HOLIDAY SEASON! Yes, I was single, I know, trust me, during the holidays you feel extra single and it doesn't just pause in November.

This year I am fortunate enough to be not so lonely. I know someone is going to scroll back to my article on why I prefer being single and glare at this post. Alas, it is true, however, so that means I can now give you date ideas that aren't just fun for casual dates but are BOYFRIEND APPROVED! So here are some of the best November date ideas to check off your bucket list with bae before you go home for Thanksgiving.

1. Go ice skating.

What people fail to realize is Wollman Rink in New York City is open from NOVEMBER to March. I've hinted at this as a good Valentine's Day date idea, as well. Remember it is open.

2. Cuddle by a fireplace or fire pit.

Whether you curl up in your backyard or a living room. Order in and spend a few hours talking or playing a board game by the fire. Heck, take photos for old time's sake!

3. Do a food crawl.

I did a Flushing/New York City crawl this past Friday.

4. Go to a discoteque.

Believe it or not, lots of places still have them! I'm doing this because I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is tired of me doing the hustle around the house.

5. Go on a baecation.

A little weekend getaway is a great monthly tradition. Though it'll likely be a little pricier around Thanksgiving, you may be able to find reasonably-priced Airbnbs.

6. Go out for a cafe brunch.

Spend the morning at a cozy cafe (the options are endless in NYC), all sleepy-eyed and have brunch.

7. Get hot cocoa and go to a tree lighting. 

Need I say more?

8. Host or attend a Friendsgiving.

Host one together! If you don't have an S.O., chill out with friends.

9. Have a movie marathon.

I'm doing a Quentin Tarantino marathon and I'm pumped!

10. Go Black Friday shopping together.

If you're near each other when you're home for Thanksgiving, take each other shopping on Black Friday! I'm doing it this year. I will go, I will not chicken out! (This can help you gauge what potential gifts your S.O. may want). Or heck, you can even do this with your friends.

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