Dating is all about finding someone with common interests, and what better way to do that than to actually get out there, do what you love, and be open to meeting someone while doing it? Sure, you can just sign up for any and every dating app out there, or you could go out and see if you hit it off with others in person — minus the technology.

Here are 11 places you can look for a potential date, some of which you likely visit regularly:

1. The gym

2. A coffee shop


3. School

4. Church or small groups

5. A local fair


6. Public transportation

7. Extracurricular activity or club

8. The library


9. The park

10. The bar or club

11. An elevator


All of these places share one thing in common; they are all places where people can go and meet others who share similar interests and sharing interests is important for romantic relationships to blossom.

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