You're lucky enough to have a good boyfriend, but when your boyfriend is your best friend, it's even better. Here are some examples of what makes your guy great.

1. He listens to all your gossip and lets you rant whenever. Let's face it, boys do not understand why girls fight all the time.

2. He lets you look at his phone. Obviously, failure to do so would be a red flag.

3. He cooperates when you want to take cute pictures together (but only occasionally).

4. He buys you ice cream … even when you ask for it every night.

5. He thinks you look amazing when you're in your “sweat pants hair-tied chillin' with no makeup on" look.

6. He takes care of you when Mother Nature calls once a month even though you PMS like crazy.

7. He makes the effort to be friends with your friends. Of course he has to get the stamp of approval from your best friend.

8. He texts you good morning and good night. What better way to start and end the day than with a text from your favorite man?

9. He likes to take you out and show you off but also loves to have lazy, cuddle nights.

10. He shares everything with you whether it's his feelings, Chinese food or silly stories.