There are some things you can only do with your high school friends—like laughing about your awkward stages and One Direction obsession—and there are some things you can only do if you've been dating your boyfriend since high school.

I've been dating my current boyfriend since junior year in high school. Even though we are past those times, we always bond over our high school days. Here are just a few...

1. Remember all the times your parents had to drive you to and from dates and you would sneak holding hands in the back seat. Then feel forever grateful that that's no longer a thing.

500 days of summer hands GIF

2. Feel cool now that you can see rated R movies and legally drink together.

cool kids GIF

3. Remember getting glammed up for prom and your first dance together (as you cuddle in sweats and watch Netflix).


4. Gossip about all the couples who broke up after high school.

celebrity big brother gossip GIF by Big Brother UK

5. Consider yourself part of their family since you've been to all the family holidays and are in most of the family pictures.


6. Remember each other's peak high school athletic days as you currently struggle to run a mile together.

working out the mindy project GIF by HULU

7. Hang out with each other's high school friends.


8. Remember each other's awkward-looking-teenager stage and realized you've changed for the better.


9. Talk about old inside jokes and stories, only to realize your college friends have no clue what you are talking about.

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10. When people ask "How did you meet?" you always have a good story to tell. (We got set up at a high school football game).