This summer is going to be my summer and your summer. It's time to dedicate time to yourself. You can't rely on people to hang out with you 24/7, whether it's a boyfriend or your best friends. If you can't embrace your own company you're hopeless. I've learned to enjoy being alone (probably more than I should) and it's helped me learn to love myself more. I asked a friend and thought about simple dates you can take yourself on that won't break the bank (unless you're like me and you're addicted to doing number two on the list). Make this summer yours to own and have a great time just enjoying your own company.

1. A solo beach trip

Bring your suntan lotion, a good book, water, and a blanket and soak up some Vitamin D for as long as you please. I'm a huge fan of the beach and sometimes it's best to just go and do your own thing and not have to rely on anyone else for company.

2. A shop 'till you drop trip to your favorite stores

I say this from the perspective of a shopping addict who treats herself every time she gets a paycheck. Shopping in your favorite stores on your own is sometimes better than bringing someone because you can take as much or as little time as you want shopping. Buy the top your friend may have given you second thoughts on. Try on super random things you've never worn before. Embrace your body and dress it in a way that makes you feel amazing.

3. Get a mani or pedi (or both because why not)

When your nails are done I swear it just boosts your mood and self-esteem massively. You don't have to shell out money for acrylics or anything, just get a simple mani-pedi and enjoy the alone time being pampered.

4. Take a joy ride and blast all of your favorite songs

I do this every time I drive to work, so it's not necessarily a true joy ride but it's close enough. Just drive, whether it's to the beach or down the street for ice cream. There is nothing like blasting your favorite music and singing at the top of your lungs without fear of being judged by anyone. Driving puts me at ease and as long as I've got my jams on I'm a happy camper. I'd be sure you're not on empty if you do this though.

5. Lie under a tree and just listen to the sounds around you

This is completely free and so worthwhile. The sound of birds singing and the wind fluttering the leaves is so comforting. This gives you time to just reflect on literally anything whether in the past, present, or future. Connecting with nature is so important to do and there's no better way than spending time amongst it on your own.

6. Face masks and your favorite movies

This is a given and so oversaid but you can't go wrong with it. I do it all the time and it's one of my favorite ways to unwind.

7. Hit the gym

It will give you a boost of dopamine and will aid in keeping your inside as happy as your outside is. I want to start doing this but I've been saying that the last two years so maybe I'll actually follow through this year.

8. Clean your bedroom

Marie Kondo the shit out of your bedroom. Organize and get rid of whatever you aren't using or wearing and it'll be such a boost in energy and happiness. I just did this when I moved back home from college for the summer and wow it did wonders. Having that time alone was really nice.

9. Go to the pet store and play with a puppy

Don't even start with the puppy mill argument. This isn't the time or place. Moving on. Puppies are cute so just go play with some whether it's at the pet store or the animal shelter. Just do it because who can resist puppy cuddles?

10. Do a photo shoot

Get some great shots to spice up your Insta game. A photo shoot always makes me feel happier and gives me the empowerment to celebrate myself.

11. Get your favorite food and enjoy

Hello fro-yo. It's me, your girl. I'm hungry and I'm coming for you. Don't hold back, just get your favorite food and enjoy it without feeling guilty. Get a Whopper at Burger King or a frappe at Starbucks. Whatever you like, take the time to just get it for yourself and enjoy it on your own.

I hope you come to enjoy your own company as much as I have this summer. In a world where we tend to get wrapped up in being around people all the time, it's good to develop a love for your own company.