I remember a time when almost all the girls in my class wanted to be skinny-minny.

They all wanted and some even now still desire to be small and petite-sized. But if you look at the media and entertainment nowadays, it's the complete opposite.

Thick, curvy women is what the hot-buzz is about. Augmented or natural, the world wants girls with big butts! Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Sofia Vergara, and the list goes on.

So if you got a girl with a big butt, never let her go. For those of you out there that haven't dated a big booty girl, you're missing out! Let me fill you in on some secrets about girls with big butts.

1. They're smarter.

Oxford University has done a study which showed women with big butts to have high intelligence levels. So basically, smart and large assets.

2. Men like curvy better.

Science has proven this over and over again. Men are prone to curvier and big butt women more than the average Sally.

3. Their bodies are healthier.

Oxford went on to research the female body in their study and found they possess higher levels of leptin and dinopectina. These hormones posses vascular protection, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic attributes. I'd be pretty happy knowing the big butt not only looks good but helps in keeping my girl healthy.

4. Big Butts make the greatest pillows.

Let's be honest, huge butts are always great to sleep on. Probably softer than the softest pillow. Perks of a big butt: great pillow.

5. Your hand will never be idle when sleeping.

Sometimes men don't want our hands to be just hugging bed. We need proper placement. That's where the butt comes in. Studies have shown men to prefer to hold the booty while sleeping.

6. They hate wearing pants at home.

They can't find proper sizes to begin with, let alone the hassle of getting them on. More often than not, they won't wear pants at home. Simple undergarments will be their solace.

7. They can cheer you up instantly!

Touch her butt, you'll feel better. No matter what kind of day you're having. They're basically healers.

8. Your kids will be geniuses.

In Oxford university's research they discovered that girls with big butts, when procreating, will bring about offspring with higher levels of intelligence than the average baby.

9. They kick ass when necessary.

No, they're not tomboys or testosterone-filled women. They care like none other. They're tough cookies and if anyone messes with the ones they care for, they'll take their big butt and kick ass with it.

10. Not a salad girl.

They're not fat, they're phat. And because of that they're not afraid to eat whatever they want. She'll never order a salad.

11. They make for the best cuddle buddies.

Being curvy and big-butted has the perks of having a signature figure that is ideal for cuddling.

All in all during my dating experience, the majority of girls have been big-butted. And I'm proud to say I'll never regret it. It's almost kind of prideful to know your girl has a booty the size of Jupiter and no one else can match it.

I guess there's only one question that remains. Are you man enough to handle a booty the size of planets?