1. Pick her up for a date.

Arriving to the restaurant with reservations is a huge bonus too. It shows that you've set that time out of your schedule for her. Even though you may live with her.

2. Open the door for her.

Show her that you haven't gotten used to her being around all of the time. You'll still go out of your way to respect her for the lady she is.

3. Surprise her with flowers from the store or handpick them.

"You shouldn't waste your money on flowers." You may have heard this. It might honestly be true for some women, but for most... it's a trap and she feels self-conceited telling you to go buy her flowers.

4. Surprise her with something you heard her mention in passing.

Honestly... just surprise her with anything of her favorite. It'll make her happy and lets her know you pay attention.

5. Hold her hand.

Don't ask why, we just feel safe, loved, and comforted by the small touch of your hand. Personally, I feel pretty lucky to be with my guy, so holding his hand is just one way I like to show him off. ;)

6. Let her wear your jacket.

Coming from experience, we're sorry if you warned us that it's chilly outside and we don't listen. Please, please, please let us wear it anyway, your patience doesn't go unrecognized.

7. Cook for her.

And if you can't cook, cook with her.

8. Compliment her sincerely.

When you pick her up for that date, "You look stunning," goes a long way.

9. Bring her coffee.

Or bring her a favorite lunch or even a Sonic drink. It'll make her day and she'll hear how lucky she is the rest of her day from her co-workers.

10. Ask her about her day.

This is simple right? It should be. I've heard a lot of women just start talking about their day to their husband. The husband's response is usually, "Uh-huh." What?? You LIVE together. Ask about each other's day, because I promise she'll talk about it anyway.

11. Have some nice pictures taken.

Yes, she'll pick out the outfits and do all the scheduling so no worries there. Asking her what she thinks of getting spring pictures done may surprise her though (in a good way).