At the time I started watching "One Tree Hill" I was young, confused, and honestly very lost when it came to love and the honesty of relationships.

Now, I am not oblivious to the fact that they all live extravagant lives and that most of what happened on the show is glorified, however, the roots and values of the show have stayed with me for years.

Nathan and Haley have become role models for my everyday life since the age of 16 and have given me unshakable hope in relationships, and it's honestly no question why.

1. The Cracker Jack theory

Nathan took even the smallest acts of kindness and turned them into an appreciation from him to Haley. From a plastic Craker-Jack bracelet to socks from the lingerie store, he was always making simple moments incredible.

2. When Nathan went back into the school for Haley during the shooting

With no regards for his own safety, Nathan ran back into Tree Hill High to save Haley from, at the time, an active shooter.

3. When they moved past Keller

Chris Keller was a huge roadblock, but they never gave up on their love for each other, even when it was shaken to the core.

4. When Nathan bought Haley the keyboard

I cannot stress this one enough because I feel this is the key to their forever. Supporting the other person more than yourself out of pure desire to see them succeed and be happy is, to me, the ultimate affection.

5. Haley jumped in front of the car to save Nathan

Yeah, she risked her life for him, no big deal.

6. That time Nathan climbed into the tub with Haley fully clothed

It was just the sweetest moment in the series as far as I'm concerned (in case anyone wants to know the way to my heart, apparently it's not being able to wait a single minute to be able to kiss me.)

7. When Nathan got Haley Ho-Ho's for V-Day

He treated Haley with respect and affection even at her highest peak of emotional pregnancy rage and fed her cravings with class. That's love.

8. The rain kiss

“Because I'm sorry. Because I love you. And because you're looking really hot standing out here in the rain and I'm thinking, I have to kiss you."

*Cue "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5 please*

9. Nathan waited for Haley until their wedding night

Haley had a wish to wait until marriage to do anything, and Nathan complied despite his history because he knew she was worth it. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty damn rare these days!

10. When Haley became a cheerleader just to spend time with Nathan

Again, learning to make sacrifices for each other and feel satisfied in doing so, is a large part of truly loving someone selflessly.

11. Jamie and Lydia

Pretty much any of their family moments make us all melt. (Especially when your husband and son are both dressed as members of KISS rocking out to Guitar Hero in your living room.)

They taught us how to love selflessly and with a forgiving heart. I will forever have a desire to have something even remotely close to the bond they share. Naley Forever.