The Midwest is the most beautiful and diverse place in the country. There's always so much to do and so much to see. It's a date heaven in terms of the most Instagram-able and #goals posts and memories.

1. Camping

One of the best parts of the Midwest is the fact that we have so much open land and beautiful scenery. Nothing beats a cute camping trip on a lake with oodles of s'mores.

2. Pumpkin Patch

An iconic part of the Midwest is being able to experience all four seasons. Taking advantage of the perfect fall weather by visiting a pumpkin patch and enjoying cider and donuts is a must!

3. Chicago

Cheesecake Factory, shopping, Garret's Popcorn... need I say more?

4. Cedar Point

A date where you can actually have fun and be crazy with one another is the perfect date. A day spent at an amusement park is the perfect way to have fun in the summer.

5. Ice Skating

Because the Midwest is covered in lakes, the cutest holiday date of all time is made possible.

6. Beach Day

Again, we have enough lakes to go around. Might as well take advantage of them.

7. Zoo

Holding hands and feeding some giraffes? Sign me up.

8. Baseball Games

The Cubs, Tigers, Indians, Twins, Reds, White Socks, Royals, Brewers, Cardinals... more like BAEball

9. Kayaking

Whether it be down a river or in one of the beautiful Great Lakes, a day on the water can be the perfect and relaxing get away date you need.

10. Dipping Literally Everything In Ranch

Pizza and fries and mozzarella sticks and veggies and chicken and....

11. Picnic

(with ranch, of course)

12. Counting how many times many times the other person says "Ope"

"Ope let me sneak past ya and grab the ranch..."