Breaks ups happen! Who cares??? Not everyone can be #relationshipgoals! So if you’re on the fence about a relationship odds are ya gotta do what you know you need to do.

There are a lot of reasons breakups happen: people have different life goals, there's hella fighting or someone's cheating … But, here are 12 red flags that should tell you that you NEED to break up.

1. All of his mannerisms drive you crazy

If bad manners is a deal breaker he needs to go.

2. He doesn’t have any goals

Red flag.

3. He will never compromise even when you’re stressed everything in your life

Is he making things worse?

4. When you’re talking about your problems he always brings you down

This is one of the biggest red flags ever because you need a man that will support you no matter what.

5. He’s just the #WOAT

Brad who?

6. You guys have broken up a thousand times and you’re back together again

Why are y’all back together again…?

7. He’s childish and stuck in high school


8. He doesn’t appreciate you

Girl, you’re a queen though.

9. You guys don’t like the same things

But, actually why?

10. He’s controlling

Like dude calm down!!!

11. He doesn’t like any of your friends

If he’s rude and antisocial — bye!

12. He’s an only child

This is my personal red flag, but SORRY it's lowkey a deal breaker.

Whether it’s just some guy you've been seeing on the weekend or you guys have been together since the beginning of college, if he’s bringing you down then he needs to go. Don’t let the haters bring you down and don’t let men bring you down.