13 People Share Their Worst Experiences Visiting Their Partner's Family Over The Holidays

It's November... Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here soon before we know it. This season is all about being with loved ones like your family, friends and significant others. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, more than likely you invite them over for Thanksgiving dinner or opening presents on Christmas day. We all assume bringing a partner over will be picture perfect, dinner will go nice and opening presents will be full of fun... but not for everyone. I asked 13 people about their holiday horror stories that happened while visiting their partner's family over the holidays and here are their answers.

1. Future plans

"His mom was telling his whole family about her future plans for us that she made in her head. She saying that I would be moving to my partner's hometown post-graduation, getting married two years after graduation and having our first child about one year after that. Talk about awkward!"

2. Picky eater

"I am a very picky eater, and when I was dating my ex, he told his grandmother I only eat chicken nuggets. So the whole time I was there she called me a chicken nugget and told me I would get fat if I kept eating only chicken nuggets. I told her repeatedly I don't only eat nuggets. But she wouldn't stop, so then the next holiday she gave me chicken nuggets and said 'since it's the only thing you will eat' and my ex took them and threw them at her and I got kicked out."

3. Daddy

"My girlfriend said, 'can you please pass the salt, Daddy?' Her dad and I both reached for the salt."

4. Drunk cousin

"My boyfriend's drunk cousin yelled to him, 'is this your girlfriend?' to which he answered yes, and then his cousin proceeds to tell 'NICE ONE BRO!' thankfully he's in jail this year and won't be at family functions."

5. A present made from the heart

"I made my boyfriend an NHL drawstring bag for Christmas but I didn't realize I sewed the top closed. His family all noticed."

6. Looking familiar

"Last year, I went to my first Thanksgiving with my current boyfriend. At dinner (with his whole family), his younger brother told me that I look like just like his old girlfriend. It was so awkward, no one knew what to say and I just stared at the ceiling for the rest of dinner."

7. Quick trip

"I was over at my girlfriend's house for Thanksgiving last year and after eating, my stomach started feeling weird and all of a sudden I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I didn't wanna go at her house because her bathroom was right next to the living room where everyone was and I didn't want everyone to listen to me going to the bathroom. I told her I forgot something at home and had to go get it. She was all confused but I just left because I couldn't hold it anymore and had to go home. I made it home just in time, did my business and came back all awkwardly."

8. Don't say the Lord's name in vain

"I went over to my ex's to have a holiday dinner right around Christmas. All his family was there, even grandparents and uncles. He told me something and I said 'Jesus Christ' forgetting that his family were full on Christians.... I got looked at for the rest of the night and no one said a word to me."

9. Butter hands

"My boyfriend and I were dating for about 10 months at this time and it was our first Thanksgiving together. I decided to go to his house for it and his mom asked me to help out since I was there in the morning. I helped her and my boyfriend's sister make mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and the turkey. After hours of cooking, his family finally arrived and we all sat down for dinner. My boyfriend's mom asked if I could help carry things into the dining room, so I grabbed the turkey. Right before I stepped into the dining room, I tripped over one of his cousin's toys and dropped the whole turkey and glass container on the floor and it shattered everywhere. I went home because I was too embarrassed and couldn't stop crying."

10. All jokes aside

"Three years into a relationship I got 'talked to' because I laughed extremely hard at a very insensitive joke my ex girlfriend's grandfather told. I was the only one that laughed... let alone smiled. My ex girlfriends mom told me I embarrassed their whole family and she was ashamed of me even though I've known all members around the table for a long time."

11. What they don't know won't hurt them

"I had to take a semester off of school due to a medical condition which was having seizures. I was told to lie about this and play it off like I was still enrolled."

12. No filter grandpa

"A cousin of my ex brought a FWB to Thanksgiving one year. He was black. Her grandfather proceeded to tell black jokes and ask about his relationship with his parents."

13. Gift exchange

"I was at my girlfriend's Christmas and I got her three presents. I was going to give her two to open in front of her family and then the other one was for her to open in private (it was something to spice up our time in the bedroom). I wrapped all the gifts in the same wrapping paper and they were all roughly the same size box. I hid the dirty present in my car until we were alone and gave her the other two presents to open in front of her family. She opened the bath bombs I got her and then she opened the other gift which I thought was her new hair straightener... it wasn't. It was the sex toy and I've never seen her mom's jaw drop to the floor like that. It took a while for her family to forgive me after that incident."

Oh well... there's always next holiday season!

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

PSA: Don't Text And Date, Do It Like Our Grandparents

Waiting for a text from a boy is like waiting for water to boil. Sometimes I think if I take a lap around my kitchen then the text will magically light up my phone.


Texting in our relationships has become so prevalent that it has snuck its way into TV. shows and movies, as well as songs. This makes sense because it is such a large part of our lives. Texting boys can be great in some cases, especially in long distance relationships.

And don't get me wrong, it certainly can be exciting!

But I've realized is that it has the potential to be incredibly inefficient and waste a whole lot of everyone's time. The time that is wasted is a combination of the time spent texting in a conversation that leads absolutely nowhere, along with the time you spend thinking about when that next text is going to roll in. Not to mention all the time you spend screenshotting these texts and sending them to your friends and asking advice on how to craft a perfect reply and agonizing over the right wording, re-typing over and over again, having everyone from your best friend to your Mom weigh in on the perfect syntax.

For a generation that is obsessed with getting everything as fast as possible, why are we contacting each other so inefficiently? We think we will just send a quick text, but more often than not, it turns into a whole production.

Snapchat can be even worse. Taking time out of your day to take a well-lit selfie and send it to a boy just so he can send you a snap of his actual chin is just ridiculous.

We are talking to people constantly about absolutely nothing. And quite frankly, we all deserve more. Technology is great, but just because it is advanced doesn't mean it's advancing our communication skills. Boys, I think it might be time to pick up the phone again. Imagine if instead of spending countless hours in a Snapchat conversation grasping at straws to make a plan with the girl you like, you actually just picked up the phone. The call would take maybe two minutes to set up a plan instead of whittling away a whole day. It seems like just because we have the option to text or message someone, we forget that we have the alternative of a trusty phone call.

If our grandparents had dated the way that we did, would they have ever worked out? Would our parents ever have been born? Would we even exist?

As I am re-watching "Sex and The City," "Gilmore Girls" and "Friends" yet again, I am overcome with nostalgia about what dating was like during these times. I'd love to come home to a message on my machine.

Maybe you're reading this and you think I'm lame and old fashioned and you're absolutely right, but I think I have a point. In order to have better success in our romantic relationships, we need to work on actually saying something. Why are we claiming we are "talking" to someone when we have never talked to them in person? How did we end up in this reality of sulking when we have been left on read, or obsessively checking to see if someone has viewed our Snapchat story?

We've been given all these ways of pseudo-communicating and endless time to do it and absolutely no rule book of what is acceptable. When you really think about it, it's a recipe for disaster that could be destroying our relationships before they even start. We need an Emily Post of technology to teach us how to behave. We need to stop abusing the convenience of technology and start challenging ourselves to communicate better.

I challenge you if you're a single lady that the next time a boy asks for your Snapchat, tell them you'd prefer it if they called you to make plans.

Guys, just call a girl! It might really impress her! Everyone who tries this has full permission to call me and yell at me if the person who calls you/you call says you're a huge freak. But do me a favor and start leaving your ringer on when you're not in class. Let's talk.

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13 Reasons To Date An Aries Girl ASAP

Once she's in, she is in with her entire heart.


It's my absolute favorite season: Aries season! As an Aries, I tend to flourish as my best self once Aries season rolls around. I'm here to lead the way into the new astrological year, and as a single Aries, I'm here to convince single guys why they should date an Aries girl like me ASAP.

1. She's adventurous

She's not content with humdrum dates, she needs action or she'll leave you out of boredom. She'll be down for something to get her adrenaline pumping and will keep you on your toes.

2. She's driven

She's a girl with goals. She's independent and doesn't need anyone holding her back from what she wants. Support her or get out of her way.

3. She's all in whole-heartedly

When she falls, she falls all at once with her entire being. This is a girl who is willing to put her heart on the line for love once she knows it's real. You'll never have to worry about her heart being anywhere else but with you.

4. She's very direct with her likes and dislikes

She isn't a sugar coater since she hates liars, so she'll be honest about everything. Whether you like it or not, you'll always get the truth from an Aries girl.

5. She's super passionate

Whatever it may be, an Aries will be passionate for what she loves. I am passionate about writing, and I never let anything get in the way of it. In a relationship, an Aries girl will bring the heat that comes with her passion for you.

6. She's not a clinger

She hates clingers SO MUCH. Over the top PDA or romantic things generally make an Aries cringe (maybe not all of us, but I know that's how it is for me). She loves getting attention, but being clingy is a major turnoff, and she isn't one herself. She's not going to beg to see you 24/7, she likes to lead her own life.

7. She's a great listener

She loves to talk, but something she's just as great at is listening. She'll ask you so many questions to get to know you and really listen to what you have to say when you answer them.

8. She's big on friends and family, they come first

She's a big proponent of valuing her friends and family above all else. She will likely go to them for advice about everything. Meeting them is more important to an Aries than many people realize. If you're big on family, she's the girl for you.

9. She's open to anything in the bedroom

Got a fantasy? She's game to indulge. She's adventurous and that extends to bedroom activities as well. The same old routine bores her, so don't be afraid to experiment and try new things.

10. She only uses the past as a means to learn

She's probably got a rough past she doesn't necessarily want to talk about. The past is the past and she tries to use this as a lesson. It takes a lot for her to open up about it. She tries to be optimistic and keep herself in the present, and this optimism may rub off on you eventually.

11. Her cuddle game is epic

You'll never want to leave bed once your Aries girl gets her hands on you. You'll be too comfortable to leave.

12. She loves fashion and wears trends well

She loves wearing what's in fashion and looking her very best. Her outfits may put yours to shame. She's the kind of woman you want on your arm while you're out on the town.

13. She'll be the woman you'll never forget

You may break up or drift apart, but she's the girl that will leave a permanent mark on your heart. She's unforgettable.

Get your Aries while you can, because if you don't scoop her up, someone else will.

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