13 People Share Their Worst Experiences Visiting Their Partner's Family Over The Holidays

It's November... Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here soon before we know it. This season is all about being with loved ones like your family, friends and significant others. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, more than likely you invite them over for Thanksgiving dinner or opening presents on Christmas day. We all assume bringing a partner over will be picture perfect, dinner will go nice and opening presents will be full of fun... but not for everyone. I asked 13 people about their holiday horror stories that happened while visiting their partner's family over the holidays and here are their answers.

1. Future plans

"His mom was telling his whole family about her future plans for us that she made in her head. She saying that I would be moving to my partner's hometown post-graduation, getting married two years after graduation and having our first child about one year after that. Talk about awkward!"

2. Picky eater

"I am a very picky eater, and when I was dating my ex, he told his grandmother I only eat chicken nuggets. So the whole time I was there she called me a chicken nugget and told me I would get fat if I kept eating only chicken nuggets. I told her repeatedly I don't only eat nuggets. But she wouldn't stop, so then the next holiday she gave me chicken nuggets and said 'since it's the only thing you will eat' and my ex took them and threw them at her and I got kicked out."

3. Daddy

"My girlfriend said, 'can you please pass the salt, Daddy?' Her dad and I both reached for the salt."

4. Drunk cousin

"My boyfriend's drunk cousin yelled to him, 'is this your girlfriend?' to which he answered yes, and then his cousin proceeds to tell 'NICE ONE BRO!' thankfully he's in jail this year and won't be at family functions."

5. A present made from the heart

"I made my boyfriend an NHL drawstring bag for Christmas but I didn't realize I sewed the top closed. His family all noticed."

6. Looking familiar

"Last year, I went to my first Thanksgiving with my current boyfriend. At dinner (with his whole family), his younger brother told me that I look like just like his old girlfriend. It was so awkward, no one knew what to say and I just stared at the ceiling for the rest of dinner."

7. Quick trip

"I was over at my girlfriend's house for Thanksgiving last year and after eating, my stomach started feeling weird and all of a sudden I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I didn't wanna go at her house because her bathroom was right next to the living room where everyone was and I didn't want everyone to listen to me going to the bathroom. I told her I forgot something at home and had to go get it. She was all confused but I just left because I couldn't hold it anymore and had to go home. I made it home just in time, did my business and came back all awkwardly."

8. Don't say the Lord's name in vain

"I went over to my ex's to have a holiday dinner right around Christmas. All his family was there, even grandparents and uncles. He told me something and I said 'Jesus Christ' forgetting that his family were full on Christians.... I got looked at for the rest of the night and no one said a word to me."

9. Butter hands

"My boyfriend and I were dating for about 10 months at this time and it was our first Thanksgiving together. I decided to go to his house for it and his mom asked me to help out since I was there in the morning. I helped her and my boyfriend's sister make mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and the turkey. After hours of cooking, his family finally arrived and we all sat down for dinner. My boyfriend's mom asked if I could help carry things into the dining room, so I grabbed the turkey. Right before I stepped into the dining room, I tripped over one of his cousin's toys and dropped the whole turkey and glass container on the floor and it shattered everywhere. I went home because I was too embarrassed and couldn't stop crying."

10. All jokes aside

"Three years into a relationship I got 'talked to' because I laughed extremely hard at a very insensitive joke my ex girlfriend's grandfather told. I was the only one that laughed... let alone smiled. My ex girlfriends mom told me I embarrassed their whole family and she was ashamed of me even though I've known all members around the table for a long time."

11. What they don't know won't hurt them

"I had to take a semester off of school due to a medical condition which was having seizures. I was told to lie about this and play it off like I was still enrolled."

12. No filter grandpa

"A cousin of my ex brought a FWB to Thanksgiving one year. He was black. Her grandfather proceeded to tell black jokes and ask about his relationship with his parents."

13. Gift exchange

"I was at my girlfriend's Christmas and I got her three presents. I was going to give her two to open in front of her family and then the other one was for her to open in private (it was something to spice up our time in the bedroom). I wrapped all the gifts in the same wrapping paper and they were all roughly the same size box. I hid the dirty present in my car until we were alone and gave her the other two presents to open in front of her family. She opened the bath bombs I got her and then she opened the other gift which I thought was her new hair straightener... it wasn't. It was the sex toy and I've never seen her mom's jaw drop to the floor like that. It took a while for her family to forgive me after that incident."

Oh well... there's always next holiday season!

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Valentine's Day Became My New Favorite Holiday When I Started Dating The Perfect Man

When you find someone that treats the day with the love and diligence that you deserve, you'll see just how much more meaningful it can be.


February 14th, 2018.

I finished my last class that Wednesday, excited to meet up with my boyfriend, Nick. It was our first Valentine's Day together, and I was interested to see what was in store for us. I walked towards the back of the building, and into the parking lot. That's when I saw him, all dressed up, stepping out of his car, holding a bouquet of white roses (my favorite). I can't lie. I cried happy tears. I couldn't believe that he remembered something small I said in passing. I couldn't believe that I was with someone that knew how to make me feel so special.

Nicole Osztrogonacz

After what felt like a very long car ride of me trying not to hold back more tears, Nick pulled into a parking lot near our school's chapel. I cluelessly stared at him as he pulled out a guitar out of the trunk, took my hand, and led me around to the back of the building. While we sat on the cement steps, overlooking the scenery, he serenaded me by singing "Latch" by Sam Smith. (Yes, I melted on the spot.) His singing voice is so smooth and sexy.

When we finally got back to my apartment, he handed me this adorable photo book. I could tell that it definitely took it took time and money to put it together. The gift was so personal and sentimental and it made my heart warm knowing that I had a gift I could flip through and look back at any time in the future. (To any other men in relationships: take notes!)

I can't explain to you how badly I needed to feel that kind of love. That unconditional, endless, "I'm never going anywhere" love. That "you are worth it" love. We had only been dating for about two months by the time it was Valentine's Day. It amazed me that he was willing to do so much for me so early into us dating. But everyone deserves that relationship.

Even now, almost a full year later, February 14th, 2018 is not only one of my favorite dates, but also one of my favorite days. It had a lasting impact and I think that speaks volumes about how much it meant to me. And yes, I'm thrilled for Valentine's Day 2019.

Too many people treat Valentine's Day as something obligatory. Like, here's this bear or I made a reservation for us at this restaurant. I guess it's good that they didn't forget about Valentine's Day altogether, but still, there's not enough feeling and effort put into it. Valentine's Day, just like your anniversary, is a celebration of your love.

When you find someone that treats the day with the love and diligence that you deserve, you'll see just how much more meaningful it can be. And it might even become your new favorite holiday too.

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The Best New Movies And TV Shows This February To Binge-Watch With Your Boo

And if you don't have a boo—binge watch the following with pizza and wine!


There's nothing like binge-watching a movie or show while cuddling with your boo. Whether it's a rainy day, you two are homebodies, or you're just running out of Netflix shows and movies to watch, then this is the article for you. I have done extensive research straight from my bed in an effort to find the best new TV shows and movies to watch on Netflix right now and this coming month.

Here are 11 of the best movies and TV shows on Netflix to watch with your boo this February:

1. You

You can actually watch this Netflix show right now. I binge-watched it in TWO days. Netflix picked up this show from Lifetime and Season 2 has already been filmed. It is a creepy thriller and I feel like that's the best way I can describe it.

And can we talk about the parallels between Joe and Dan Humphrey? Disturbing to say the least.

2. Close

This will be released January 18th. If you and your boo like an action-packed movie, this one is for you. A woman security guard is hired to protect an heiress from highly trained kidnappers. If "Taken" was your jam, I have a feeling you'll like this, too.

3. Sex Education

This show is absolutely hilarious. A teenage virgin with a sex therapist as a mother teams up with an edgy classmate to start their own sex therapy clinic at their school—because since his mom is an expert that means he is, too... right?

4. The Umbrella Academy

Calling all comic book lovers! Coming to Netflix February 15—a dysfunctional family of superheroes band together. This adaptation of "The Umbrella Academy" comic books is a must-watch. This series stars Ellen Page (MY GIRL), so you know where to find me come the premiere.

5. Velvet Buzzsaw

Two words: Jake Gyllenhaal *swoon*. All art is dangerous. "Velvet Buzzsaw" will be released February 1. Let me just say, this thriller truly puts a new twist on artwork coming to life.

6. IO

Coming to Netflix January 18. Another post-cataclysmic Earth movie—sensing a theme here. The two characters lose hope for earth and set their sights elsewhere: space.

7. Russian doll

Russian Doll from Amy Poehler, Natasha Lyonne, and Leslye Headland... Natasha Lyonne puts nine lives to shame. This one arrives February 1st. I wonder if she'll figure out how to stop dying.

8. Polar

What do you do if your job sees you as a liability? Well if you're an assassin, you fight for your life. This is one both you and your boo should enjoy.

9. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

The interactive thriller. This reminds me of the "Goosebump" books with multiple endings. This is a fun one to do if you want to feel more involved with your movie. You make the calls.

10. Grace and Frankie

"Never too old to not give a f*ck." Grace and Frankie returns January 18 and before your boo says, "f*ck no" to this Netflix original, make him watch this trailer. You can't help but love this show and laugh while doing it.

11. Bird Box, obviously

That is if you haven't seen it already... Watch this movie and you won't regret it. Although your boyfriend might get jealous of Trevante Rhodes (as he should). Oh and just in case you didn't know (cause apparently Twitter didn't)... Sandra Bullock has BEEN around—her badass talent is nothing new.

SEE ALSO: The Best Bird Box Memes That Perfectly Describe Dating In 2019, Since You're Not Seeing Anyone

So next time you have a night in with bae put on your cozy socks, pour a glass of wine, order some pizza and start one of these great movies or shows!

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