The other day I had a meltdown about something very common, something every human being goes through. I threw a temper tantrum and drove to my boyfriend's house to unload it all on him. This got me thinking -- I probably don't thank him enough for little sh*t like that. So to all the guys out there who take a lot of annoying crap from their girlfriends, here's some gratitude:

1. Putting up with my plethora of moods.

Whether I’m overly excited or distraught over the newest pop culture upset or viciously craving chocolate, he tolerates me to the highest extent.

2. Letting me “borrow” his clothes.

We both know he’s not getting his sweatpants and that one hoodie back for at least a month, if ever, and he still doesn’t say no. Swoon.

3. Making me food all the time.

Thanks for making me tacos and telling me to “sit there and look pretty.” You’re every girl’s dream come true.

4. Going on adventures with me.

Whether we’re scaling a mountain at a music festival in the middle of the woods, eating an ice cream sundae the size of our faces or binge watching BoJack Horseman on the couch, every day feels like an adventure with you.

5. Making my day, every day.

Even if my day is “the worst day ever,” I’m willing to bet he’ll make me laugh at least eight times.

6. Binge watching Netflix with me.

Because I wouldn't know how to relax, or good TV if it punched me in the face.

7. Being my number one fan.

No one gets excited about everything I do the way that he does.

8. Listening to me b*tch all the time.

He’s the first one I tell when I argue with some a**hole at work, get an underserved bad grade or hear some good gossip through the grapevine. He always listen intently. What more could you ask for?

9. Petting my head.

You won't be able to find a person who disagrees with me when I say, head pets and back scratches are the best thing in the world. Fortunately for me, he gives the best ones.

10. Liking me for the way I am.

Tattoos, piercings, dog + ice cream obsession and all.

11. Sharing everything with me.

Sharing dinner, coffee, clothes and pretty much everything else is not only good for the wallet but good for the heart.

12. Always being there when I need him.

Whenever, wherever, I need him chances are he’ll drop what he’s doing and come running. That’s so, so cool.

13. Always being my best friend.

Life has been a lot more fun since you came around.