This past weekend, I was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. It was so much fun to be part of her special day and everything that goes into a wedding. So many moments of stress, laughter, excitement and anticipation occur on the day of. Everything from hoping I don't accidentally trip walking down the aisle (you'll be happy to know that I didn't) to relaxing as someone did my hair and makeup, to really hoping my bridesmaid dress still fit after having not tried it on for a couple weeks (probably not the best idea on my part, but I was able to zip myself in).

1. I sure hope I don't trip and make a scene walking down the aisle.

2. Wow, these heels are so uncomfortable. Why did I think wearing these was a good idea?

3. OMG, did you see the groom's face when he saw her walking down the aisle? If my husband doesn't have a good reaction I'm turning around.

4. Ugh, I need to remember this. I totally am stealing this idea for my wedding.

5. What's that? Open bar? HECK YEAH, I'm not going to be able to feel how sore my feet are in no time.

6. When is dinner because I am ravenous.

7. Oooo, they're cutting the cake! I wonder if he'll shove a piece in her face or just feed her a little piece. It'd be so funny if he did shove it in her face... but if he gets it on her dress he is SO dead.

8. I haven't tried this dress on in weeks I sure hope it still fits.

9. I feel stressed and I'm not even the one getting married.

10. I hope they have a basket of comfy sandals for dancing because there is no way I can keep these heels on a second longer.

11. Boys are so lucky. They get to wear pants and a shirt and here we are in tight dresses, painful heels and a super uncomfortable bra.

12. This is great. I wish someone would come and do my hair and makeup for me every morning.

13. I really need to find another occasion to wear this dress at, because I look...

14. I can't wait to take so many cute pictures with everyone (and of course some bathroom mirror selfies)

15. I hope no one here is judgmental because. . .

16. What's that? More drinks? Yes, please.