Ask and ye shall receive... or so they say. I, however, am not asking for anything extravagant or un-give-able.

I am just a girl asking for a human connection, as we all are, but here is a list of the things I am NOT asking for from a significant other.

1. Too much

I will never ask for you to do something absurd or out of reach.

2. You to love me immediately

I get that these things take time, but you should know that I get attached easily.

3. Attention all of the time

I have my own stuff to do, so I will be fine if you don't feel like talking to me for a little while.

4. All of your time

I know that you have your own life and things to do, so go do them!

5. Instant fame

You don't have to introduce me to your parents or your friends until you want to.

6. Perfection

Nobody's perfect. You live and you learn it.

7. Best Friends

Your friends don't have to be my friends and my friends don't have to be your friends.

8. Compliments

You ain't got to tell me I look good because I know.

9. A relationship right away

see number 2

10. For us to agree on everything

It is actually good for us not to agree on everything that way we always learn something from each other!

11. You to be the guy of my dreams

Because, frankly, he doesn't exist.*

*yes, he does. His name is Damon Salvatore.

12. To compromise your goals

I will help you reach your goals if anything! Go get 'em, babe!

13. A relationship without hardships

There will be highs and there will be lows. I'll be there through it all if you allow and want me to.

14. Money

I got my own money and a job, so you do you boo boo.

15. Us to become virtually the same person

We will never have a joint facebook, ever.

16. "Relationship goals"

Sure, those are nice and flattering when someone says, "Oh, y'all are #goals," but they only see half of it.

17. You to trust me with your life

I understand there are things that you would rather experience alone and keep to yourself. I get it, I do.