I absolutely love the prompt feature that Hinge has to offer. Instead of writing something cheesy in your bio to get right swipes (yes, I'm talking about you, Bumble and Tinder), these short prompts provide easy ways to give people an idea of who you are.

Having said that, not all eighty-five prompts are amazing, there are some that are bad news. It seems as if any answers to these questions are bound to be cringeworthy. Here are the 23 Hinge prompts to avoid:

1. “Never have I ever”

I'm pretty sure you're supposed to ask and answer these types of questions over drinks.

2. “I’ll introduce you to my family if…”


I barely even know you so the idea of meeting your family freaks me out.

3. “My biggest fail”

I think we should wait until I get to know you more before I learn you're a failure.

4. “I know the best spot in town for…”

Instead of telling me the best spot in town, surprise me by bringing me there on a date.

5. “A shower thought I recently had”


Let's leave the idea of a complete stranger in the shower out of this, please.

6. “I bet you can’t…”

You're not going to leave a good first impression by assuming I can't do something.

7. “An overshare”

Can we NOT overshare, please?

8. “My most controversial opinion is…”


I feel like starting an introductory conversation with a controversial topic is not the way to go.

9. “The secret to getting to know me is…”

You have to always keep them guessing and leave some things to the imagination.

10. “The key to my heart is…”

It's going to take a lot more than matching on Hinge to find out the key to this girl's heart.

11. “First round is on me if…”


Call me old-fashioned, but the first round should ALWAYS be on the man.

12. “My love language is”

No offense but what does this even mean?

13. “One thing I’ll never do again”


Let's leave regret stories out of our first conversation, shall we?

14. “Give me travel tips for...”

If I want travel tips I can just scroll through Odyssey, thanks.

15. “Let’s debate this topic”

Debates often end with hard feelings, so let's save this for later.

16. “Dating me is like…”


It's way too early to use similes to describe something that isn't even a relationship yet.

17. “Worst idea I’ve ever had”

Bad ideas are considered bad for a reason — they aren't supposed to be brought up, especially in the first conversation you're having with someone.

18. “I’ll pick the topic if you start the conversation”


If you pick a topic I know nothing about or am completely disinterested in, what am I supposed to do?

19. “The award I should be nominated for”

This seems like an excuse to flex, but pop off if that's your thing.

20. “I won’t shut up about…”

This kind of sets someone up to seem annoying right off the bat even if they aren't.

21. “I’m overly competitive about”


This seems like something you should want to discover naturally rather than having it be told to you.

22. “The way to win me over is…”

This sounds like a perfect idea! Letting someone know what they have to do to make them interested even if they don't care for said thing at all. (Spoiler alert: I'm being sarcastic)

23. “I’ll know it’s time to delete Hinge when…”


I'm not a marketing mastermind, but I'm pretty sure that asking users to write about why they would delete Hinge may not be the best business strategy.

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