Hello, I'm 24, And Yes, I'm A Virgin — And Yes, I'll Answer All Of Your Redundant Questions At Once

"What? Are you serious?"

"Wait a minute, there is no way you are telling me the truth."

"How are you still a virgin? Are you religious? Are you waiting for marriage? Why haven't you had sex yet? That's just so crazy..."

Welcome to my world.

First, let me introduce myself again. Hi there, my name is Reanna, I'm a 24-year-old writer and also a virgin, how do you do? The first thing in that sentence is the V word, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Now that isn't something I start going and telling people, trust me it's the last thing I want to do. I get bombarded with almost every single question up above and I hate answering it every time. The only time I decide to share it is if someone asks me something along the lines of sex or when I can't offer my opinion.

It's a little-known fact that I tend to hide from people but not anymore. Let the world know, is it's any of their business but guess what? I'm not the only one out there. It's nothing to be ashamed of, I'm certainly not. What bothers me most is when people start questioning it and looking at me like I'm crazy.

Fine, I'll answer your simple questions above.

Yes, I said I was a virgin. Yes, again, I'm dead serious. I'm telling you the truth, why lie? I'm still a virgin because I choose to be. No, I'm not religious. I don't want to ever get married so I'm not waiting for marriage. Again, I just haven't found the guy to have sex with and it is still my choice. Think it's crazy, just don't judge me.

Sex is sex, what's the big problem here?

If I choose not to sleep with a guy, I have the right to it. I have the right to be a virgin until I decide it is the best time not to be anymore. I already know I shocked you by the title but why should you be so shocked? Is it because most people lose their virginity in high school? Is it usually to their first boyfriend?

Nothing separates me from you.

You don't need to laugh or really comment on the sentence. If I'm a virgin, I'm a virgin. If you are not, then you're not. If you are, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's a strange situation to be in when people look at you like you are an alien from a different planet. People get so surprised as if you just said you came from Mars.

Maybe this is my experience but I'm in no rush to have sex.

There comes a day when it may happen but I'm not rushing to find the one so to speak. Until then, I'm glad this is off my chest and I'm glad for you to know that. You know why? Because any guy you tell that to is desperate to change your mind, trust me. If you can't respect it, why should I be the one you sleep with?

So guys here is a complete tip: If a girl tells you she is a virgin, don't act so shocked, don't act so surprised.

Nod your head, respect the choice and move on. It's as simple as that.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Women Don't Orgasm During Casual Hookups Because Straight Men Just Don't Care Enough

"If you go on a heterosexual hookup, you have an 11% chance of orgasming. If you go on a lesbian hookup, you have a 93% chance of both women orgasming."

Dr King
Dr King

When I tell people that I'm not a fan of casual hookups, they usually make the assumption that it's because I require an emotional attachment or some sort of commitment involved, but that isn't necessarily the case. It's mostly because the majority of the time it's anti-climactic. Literally. I've noticed that being involved with a man sexually has been more pleasurable all around when we're in a relationship or he's invested in me in some kind of way.

With hookups, guys expected me to give them the ultimate blow job featuring the vacuum seal double hand twist gawk gawk combination 3000 with extra spit while they either said they don't go down on girls, they seemed uninterested in getting me off as well, or they just did the bare minimum. This assured me that maybe casual hookups weren't worth it.

Recently an ongoing debate sparked by a viral video on Twitter featuring Kelly Grove, M.S., a sex educator based in Florida, confirmed everything I had been saying about how casual hookups aren't good.

"If you go on a heterosexual hookup," she explains "you have an 11% chance of orgasming. If you go on a lesbian hookup, you have a 93% chance of both women orgasming." The replies and comments from Twitter users went rampant, but the common factor I've noticed was that both men and women agreed upon one thing: Generally speaking, guys aren't inclined to focus on women's pleasure in bed during casual encounters.

Let's get to the facts.

Is this just a misconception? Is this just about people needing something to bitch about on Twitter? Well, as much as I hate to say it, the orgasm disparity between certain genders and sexual orientation is legitimate. It's called the orgasm gap, in which heterosexual women are the least likely out of any demographic regarding sexual orientation to consistently orgasm during sex.

Multiple studies show that during relationships, heterosexual women have a 65% chance or orgasm whereas, with casual hookups, the percentage drops significantly from anywhere between 11-24% depending on how many previous sexual experiences she's had with that guy. The percentage of lesbian women's likelihood of orgasming increases to nearly the same amount as straight men.

You'll often hear people say that the reason for the orgasm gap is only because women know what other women want, but by this logic, there would be a larger disparity between the likelihood of gay men achieving orgasm vs. straight men which there isn't one at all.

Then what's the true reason for the disconnect?

As Kelly Grove, M.S., stated in the video about erogenous zones, guys aren't showing enough attention to the parts of sex outside of penetration. Unfortunately, many men believe that penetration to the point that they have to ram themselves into a girl's cervix is the key to pleasing women. This assumption comes from the misinformation that men receive from mainstream pornography where it looks like the woman is climaxing only through penetration. Also, their ambitions for pleasing women seem to indicate egotistic motivations during sex. A recent study published by the Journal of Sex Research reveals that heterosexual men tend to use their partner's orgasm to boost their own ego. Each participant in the study was asked to read a vignette about a sexual encounter they have with an attractive woman. In some scenarios, the women had an orgasm and in others, she did not. The researchers found that men reported higher sexual self-esteem and manliness when they pictured the woman reaching orgasm during sex. This suggests that in some aspects, heterosexual men make sex about feeling more masculine rather than pleasing the woman. Additionally, the study could explain why some heterosexual women fake their orgasms just to protect a guy's inflated ego.

But I'd be lying if I said straight men are completely at fault. Women have to actively prioritize their own pleasure and boost their standards in bed.

When it comes to having sex that actually makes you finish, there are three key instructions women need to follow. First, communicate. This can be done in more ways than one. You could literally tell the guy what you want and where you want it done. You could also communicate through other vocalizations like moaning or using more body language such as grabbing him or digging your fingernails with more aggression to let him know that you're close to reaching the big O. Second, switch to certain moves or positions that mimic the way you masturbate. For example, I usually masturbate on my stomach rather than my back so I like it when I'm positioned lying flat on my belly with my legs straight while the guy is on top of me, entering from behind for a deeper thrust while we take turns maneuvering our hands to my clitoris. Sometimes utilizing our hands isn't even necessary depending on how the friction feels from the bed sheets on my clitoris. Third, don't internalize the myth that your anatomy and pleasure are complicated by nature. Sometimes one of the main reasons women fake orgasms is because they feel like they won't finish anyway so as long as their partner does then they'll be OK. Ladies, learn to prioritize your pleasure as much as men prioritize their own. While I don't think that every good sexual experience needs to result in orgasm, let's be real. Sometimes we need to get our rocks off too.

So what now?

With that being said, the orgasm disparity between heterosexual women and every other sexual orientation is a nuanced conversation so my intention isn't to say that every casual hookup a woman has with a man will be trash. There are guys out there who genuinely want to make sure women come first. However, the numbers don't lie and I don't think we should just be having unfilling sex just for the sake of being young and sex-positive. So don't settle for guys who don't care about anything other than using you as a human fleshlight.

Dr King
Dr King

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5 Things Girls Want You To Send Them So Much More Than A Picture Of Your Dick

I mean, y'all are cute and all, but...we have one issue.


So you start talking to a guy. You text back and forth for a week or so, make plans to hang out, maybe once, twice, maybe three times.

You start to like this guy. He is nice, funny and an overall nice friend. After all, we aren't trying to rush into things.

But then, one night, everything changes.

You get a notification from him. It makes you smile and all cheesy inside.

I mean, he is a nice guy.

But, wait.

Oh, no.

He didn't send a sweet little text, asking to see you. He didn't even send an innocent little picture of his puppy.

No, he didn't send any of that.

He sent a picture of his dick.

When this happens, there is only one thought that runs through my head. Spoiler alert: it doesn't have anything to do with the beauty, or lack thereof, of the dick.

Instead, it's:

Wow, thanks. I totally wanted that. Maybe I'll frame it on my wall. *eye roll*

1. A Picture of Your Dog

Boys, it's OK if you don't have a dog. Just simply find a random person on the street walking their dog and sneak in a picture of that sweet little animal. No harm done. She'll for sure smile.

2. A Meme

Have you ever heard of the saying, "A Meme is the way into a girl's heart?" Well, I just created it. Get her laughing, my dudes.

3. A link To A Funny Video

Props to you if you can sneak in a little "wish we could watch it together," with it. That'll probably get your farther than the dick pic ever will.

4. Food

I don't care, send her pics of food you're making or food you want. Maybe, you two little love birds can get together and share it. It's science: Girls love food.

5. Literally Anything Else...litter on the side of the street, bird poop, a piece of grass, etc.

Please, unless she asks, don't sent the picture. Some of you don't even send warnings, so that little, dirty picture is opened up right at the family dinner for grandma and grandpa to see, you never know.

So, to all my dudes, here are 5 things to send a girl instead of your dick.

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