1. Make sure your hair is either all dyed, or your natural hair color

Hair that is more than one color kinda makes you seem like a slob. This is given the exception of an Ambre hair style or growing out your natural hair color.

2. Think of this like a job interview, be confident

With both you're going to be nervous anyway!

3. Treat the family with respect especially my dad

Respect goes a llooooonnngggg way in this world.

4. If you aren't religious, at least be open to the faith of the family

Some families are very rooted in faith, not all, but if the family is, be prepared to go to church! Trust me, it'll give you brownie points.

5. Don't dress like a slob

What parent wants their daughter/son dating someone who doesn't present themselves well?

6. Remember your manners

Like the say in grade school, "I want you to be on your best behavior".

7. Compliment, compliment, compliment

Just make sure they are geunie.

8. Don't make it seem like you play video games all the time, talk about your hard work and things you have achieved

Nothing against video games, but if you make it seem like this is *all* you do.. stereotypes will be implanted in the parents' head.

9. Figure out the parents' interests ahead of time

What's that? You think Miley Cyrus is the best artist out there, but the parents disagree? By knowing their interests you can avoid more judgment that you're already going to get! Let's face it, you already going to get judged anyway.

10. In case of silence, have some conversation topics prepared.

Who likes awkward silence? Plus starting and holding a conversation doesn't make you seem boring.

11. If they have a cat/dog, pet it.

I know, you may not like animals, but how you treat someone says something about a person. However, if you are allergic, it's a different story.

12. Don't overstay your welcome

Why become a burden? You can usually read the room, but as a guideline, 5 hours is probably the most.

13. Don't talk of marriage

You may have been in love their kid for a long time, but if you're just meeting the parents for the first time, talking about marriage might be seen as a bad thing.

14. Keep the PDA for home

As a parent, I wouldn't want to see some guy I barley know grouping my daughter.

15. Ask the siblings about their interests

This shows you want to learn about their lives as well. Ask about their sports team, or their FFA project.

16. Refrain from ANY sexual jokes, actions, words, phrase, or anything in that ball park

You don't want your parents thinking that's all your relationship is.

17. Don't be afraid to help out, without asking

Helping out goes a LONG way with mom.

18. Watch that posture!

It's like the animals, it says a lot about a person!

19. Make sure you are on time

Again, being late leads to bad first impressions, first impressions do matter!

20. Be polite

Who likes rude people?

21. Don't be dishonest

Lying just to make yourself seem good isn't a good thing.

22. Be yourself, but don't keep the conversation on you

This might make you seem selfish.

23. Don't be afraid for thanking the parents for allowing you to be with their child

It shows respect for the parents.

24. If you're the guy, ask the dad's permission to date the daughter

This will go such a long way! It's something that does happen that much anymore either. Asking permission to marry date someone shows you respect the dad so you'll respect his daughter.. hopefully.

25. If family drama arises, don't take sides

Taking sides isn't a good thing. (It'll make the side you are against dislike you)