26 Signs You've Found 'The One'

26 Signs You've Found 'The One'

8. You can act silly in public.

What a dream come true to know that I've found my prince at the young age of 19. Age is just a number, though. At some point in your life, you will find "the one". If you have, that's great. If you haven't, you will. Just be patient. God picks the perfect moment when it seems right.

There are many signs that give you the green light about your S.O. Let me point 26 of them out to you.

1. You have this enormous sense of respect for this person.

Mutual respect is essential and healthy in a romantic relationship. When you can't come to that sense of respect, you will not work. You must appreciate every single aspect of your S.O.

2. You have no problems with trust.

Trust is very important in a relationship. If you already don't know what trust really is, I'd suggest you look it up.

The difference is clear: if you worry about your S.O. going out without you, or if you're constantly checking their phone's messages, you do not trust them. That's a huge problem.

3. You both can listen to each other.

I can listen to my boyfriend talk all day about literally anything and I never get bored. He can do the same thing, and it feels good to know someone is always there to listen to you bitch and complain.

At least someone gets you.

4. You can literally talk to them about anything and everything.

This connects to the listening aspect. I can talk to my boyfriend and it's great to know he is (mostly) on my side. He will also straight up tell me I'm wrong, and I listen to his advice.

When you're that comfortable in talking to your S.O., you know you've got a keeper. They understand you.

5. They are honest with you and you are honest with them.

I'm not a liar in general, but lying is never in the context of my relationship. If you have to go out of your way and lie to your S.O. about ANYTHING, your fling will not work and come out successful. Being honest is very important.

6. You manage conflict really well.

Fighting is normal in a relationship. You will have people tell you that fighting isn't healthy, or fighting is bad news. If the arguments and conflict do not get resolved, yes -- the relationship is at risk.

Conflict can be scary, but if you can solve it and work things out with your beau/beauette, you're golden. You're meant to be together. Y'all can get through anything.

7. Distance is not a problem.

No matter how far away you two are from each other, it does not scare you. Distance can be painful because they are not physically there with you.

However, it's manageable and it doesn't negatively affect your relationship.

8. You can act silly in public.

You can walk down the street skipping, with your S.O.'s arm around you, and you would not give a flying hoot. You can hold hands on dates and laugh super hard. Nothing embarrasses you.

9. You are super patient with them.

Even though sometimes things can be tough, you are always super patient with your S.O. They could be having a bad day, freaking out and they want to be alone. You are willing to wait until they recharge and breathe.

10. You can confide in them.

This connects to trust and listening in some way. The first person I run to is my boyfriend. I can confide in my boyfriend about anything. He will be there. I can count on him.

If you can't have that in your relationship, I don't think you've found "the one".

11. They take care of you and you take care of them.

In sickness and in health, even though y'all are not married. Taking care of your S.O. is so important whenever they need you. They trust you, and they count on you.

I'm grateful to know that if I can't do it, my boyfriend can. He told me he'd do it in a heartbeat, and that's how I know he's "the one" -- for putting up with me.

12. They know what you like and what you don't like.

I don't drink coffee, but my boyfriend does. I know he loves his coffee iced, with lots of cream and sugar. He knows I love iced tea. He orders it the way I love it: black and unsweetened.

He knows I hate green tea and sugar in my drinks. I know he hates eggs and I love them. I also know he loves barbeque sauce and I don't. We have that connection.

13. You get pissed at them, and vice versa.

This may sound weird, but you're allowed to do this. Like I said before, you guys can manage the arguments really well. Getting mad at each other is expected; we all have those moments.

You're allowed to get pissed at them because it's a relationship. When your S.O. is bothering you when you've already had a bad day, you will snap. It's normal.

14. You make really good memories with them.

All of your memories are with this person. Every single day builds a memory. If each day brings you sadness or bad memories with it, more often than not, then you have to do some thinking.

The whole point of a relationship is to be happy and have fun with this person.

15. You love sharing things together.

Yes, ladies: this includes sharing the bathroom. Sharing things is different with your family, maybe even gross. But sharing everything with your S.O. is actually fun! Having your own spaces be used by your better half gets you prepared for the future.

16. The sexual side of your relationship is awesome.

Okay, family: close your eyes and/or stop reading now while you can. Although a relationship is not supposed to primarily focus on sex all the time, it contributes a lot.

A relationship consists of two halves: the sexual half and the affection half. Affection is key, but sex is needed too. If you love the special times in bed, you're doing this right.

17. You miss this person when they are gone.

Listen, my boyfriend will go to class and I'll be in my room sulking because I can't wait for him to come back. No matter where he goes, I miss him immensely.

18. You can be yourself around them.

Comfortability is important, so it's nice to feel that way so easily around your beau. Being in your pajamas with extreme bedhead does not bother your babe.

19. There are no boundaries in your relationship.

If you can't brush your teeth while he goes to the bathroom, or if you can't burp around him, he's not "the one" for you. Nothing should really be bothering you.

20. Your family sees what you see.

I get so many compliments and good remarks about my beau. They can see the good things I see in him. They ask about him every time I come home from school.

If your family likes your S.O., you're in luck. If they don't, that's a red flag.

21. They are your support system.

Whenever you are in a serious rut (a bad test grade, a horrible night at work, stressed about everything), your S.O. is there for you. They support you and they offer their shoulder for you to cry on.

I'm grateful to have that.

22. You are used to their habits, and those habits actually make you smile.

My boyfriend clears his throat all the time, and I bite my fingers/nails all the time. We are used to each other's habits, even though sometimes they can be bothersome.

23. You would not be the same without them.

Yes, this is such a thing. You seriously cannot imagine a life without your love. You don't ever want to.

24. Communication is key in your relationship.

Talking, talking, talking! This is crucial and very important in your relationship. Communication can be very scary, but that's okay.

You and your S.O. can handle it very well. Whenever something comes up, you two are discussing it.

25. You know how to make them extremely happy.

My job in my relationship is to make sure my boyfriend is happy. I have to make him happy because I am his source.

Whether it's taking him out on a date or washing the dishes because he doesn't feel like it, I have to do what I have to do. Seeing that smile day in and day out is all I can ask for.

26. They make you extremely happy.

To know for sure that your S.O. is "the one" for you, they make you very happy. They make you smile. They do these things for you that make you feel good.

You are so incredibly content with where you are with them. It couldn't get any better.

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