So you spot a really cute guy/girl at work or in your class. Before you know it you are hardcore crushing on them. Everyone goes through different stages of having a crush, but most experience a few similar, and slightly creepy things, that go along with liking someone new.

1. Stalking them on Social Media.

You're basically a secret investigator via social media. This is seriously THE most important step in the crushing process. It is MAKE OR BREAK for your crush. Who cares if all you know is the guy's first name. You're a pro. Put on your FBI hat and you'll find his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Obviously, you thought the person was cute, but what more can they offer you? Do you both like similar things? What did they look like five years ago? You've got to search through all their profile pictures and go back at least a few years into their page on Facebook. Instagram pictures are all strategically searched through. Are they already dating someone? Are they married? Do they have a weird obsession with llamas? These things need to be figured out and appropriately analyzed.

2. Showcasing Social Media Evidence to your closest BFFs.

After you have successfully studied your crush's social media and he/she has passed the test it's time to showcase your crush to your BFFs. So you pull back up their Facebook and Instagram to see whether or not your friends approve of your crush. You lay out your evidence, AKA their pictures and favorite posts. Their approval is also crucial to further your crushing.

3. Daydreaming about your crush being your significant other.

It doesn't matter if you haven't even had a single meaningful conversation with your crush in person. You still find yourselves daydreaming about them being your significant other. You're going on your dream dates, falling in love, getting married and even have imaginary children, all before even saying "hello" in real life. That's pretty impressive.

4. Coming up with completely bogus reasons why you have to talk to them.

So you just added your crush on Facebook. Obviously you need to PM them and thank them for accepting your friend request. Do you do that for other people? No. But suddenly that seems like the completely normal thing to do. You see them post a status about celebrating a friend's birthday? You've never met this friend in your entire life, yet suddenly you find the need to message your crush and tell them to wish their friend "Happy Birthday". Is this desperate for attention? Yes. Does it matter? No.

Under ordinary circumstances, these things may be considered a bit creepy, but in the crushing/dating world they seem to have some significance, as long as the feelings are mutually returned.