It's time to talk about something that everyone knows but doesn't want to readily admit: The dating scene today is a total nightmare.

I've heard it all from close friends, peers, and strangers alike: finding someone to call your boo in this day and age is horrific at best. No one wants to put in the effort or even be the one to talk first. Everyone you meet seems to be only after one thing. As time goes by, you lose hope and wonder if chivalry, kindness, and common sense have gone out the window.

Uninformed and ignorant people will tell you that you should lower your standards so you can get a boyfriend. I'm writing this article to tell you that I agree with this statement! Here are four absolutely perfect times to lower your standards when you're single and looking.

Never. Like never EVER.

There is no man in the world worth lowering your standards for. Dick is abundant and of low value.

There are none.

Any guy that says you should lower your standards is someone you really shouldn't take seriously and is likely attempting to make themselves feel better about the fact that they can't get a girlfriend.

Not even a little bit.

There are guys out there who will move mountains for you, buy you nice things, and make YOU their first priority. They will treat you like a queen, support you in everything you do, and much MUCH more. Lowering your standards will make you feel like you'll accept any garbage from anyone (when obviously, that just isn't so!)

None at all.

Read #1. Read it again.

Genuinely amazing men are definitely out there and you don't need to lower your standards to find them; you'll only end up finding more garbage than you anticipated, anyway!

The bottom line: Ladies, you may get discouraged trying to find a partner, but don't give up! Know your worth, and add tax.