1. You can talk about anything.

2. You want to tell him everything.

3. You can sit in complete silence and not feel weird.

4. You can call him for anything.

5. You can count on him.

6. You know what each other is saying from just a look.

7. You have multiple inside jokes.

8. You can be yourself.

9. You can act extremely weird and still love each other.

10. You can never stay mad at each other.

11. You want to work it out.

12. You try to make each other better people.

13. You've probably used the baby voice when talking to each other before.

14. You're completely honest with each other.

15. You do really stupid things together and you don't care.

16. You experience emotions together. You both have really good days. You both have bad days, and you both decide that you really need Chick-fil-A.

17. You know a lot about each other, even the gross stuff.

18. You choose to stay in with each other instead of going out sometimes.

19. You're comfortable with each other's families.

20. You're way too comfortable with each other.

21. You think of each other when you see something funny.

22. You plan to nap together.

23. You most likely know what each other is doing, even if you haven't talked to each other all day.

24. You feel like a kid when you're together.

25. You know exactly what music he'll play in the car.

26. You blast that music and sing as loud as you can.

27. Any little gesture is greatly appreciated. Getting flowers just because is the best. Or Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A is love.

28. You know when each other needs to take a break.

29. You cheer each other up.

30. You have nicknames for each other.

31. You're really good at getting each other gifts.

32. You do things for each other that you would never do for anyone else.

33. You strongly dislike not seeing each other for a while.

34. You know how to be really sweet to each other.

35. You know exactly what makes each other mad.

36. You know the gross things they do, but you're perfectly fine with them.

37. You think about the future.

38. You make each other very happy.

39. The good times extremely outweigh the bad times.

40. You don't take each other for granted.

41. You both make sure to let each other know how much you appreciate everything about your relationship.