It happens in every long term relationship at least once, you look over at your partner and start to question whether or not this is working anymore.

Some people call it a rut, others call it a rough patch. Whatever you call it, it generally means the same thing: you feel as if you're drifting apart.

As time goes by, this generation seems to believe that this part of the relationship's kiss of death. We get discouraged because now at this point, the relationship tends to take more work than what it seems worth.

This doesn't mean this is the end though, there always is a speck of hope if you look for it.

1. Your Snapstreak is still intact

Look, I am the number one critic of Snap Streaks and all the power the general population has given them, but I must admit that they are a factor in this situation. No matter what little argument you two get into, one of you still puts those feelings aside for the sake of making them smile at a selfie of you in the piece of toast filter.

2. Your arguments never get THAT bad.

Maybe you two are arguing more than usual, but the words traded never get worse than "You're being impossible." Because despite it all, you would never get so angry that you would deliberately hurt the one you love with words worse than that.

3. Fights never last more than a day

They may have agitated you beyond belief in that moment, but the next day all is forgotten because deep down you know it wasn't that big of a deal.

4. Little rituals are still respected

You may be feeling a little hungover over now that all the dates and affection of the honeymoon phase are gone that you tend to focus on just that, I am guilty of that myself. But other things your significant other do for you are just as good as that. From them always remembering to say good morning or goodnight to always keeping your daily lunch date in tact let you know the spark is still alive.

5. If you're only giving it 40/100, the other picks up the 60

A relationship always takes 100% of work with two people splitting it 50/50, but some days you just can only give 30/10. We all are human as that is understandable. If you have a partner who is willing to pick up your slack during these days and love you a little more, the relationship is far from over.

Relationships are tricky, each one is different and you never quite know how to tell the difference a rough patch and a death sentence. In the end you just have to ride it out until you find out. But once you have, you realize that once you've loved someone through all the roughest of patches than thats where the real relationship begins.

And trust me, that's where all the real fun starts.