Most people my age don't date to marry, and honestly, I wasn't dating to marry back in sophomore year when I first met my now-fiance. We met through mutual friends and neither of us were even looking for anything serious. However, one thing led to another and now we're engaged! Our story is just a little unique though because he's 17 and I'm 18, normally pretty young ages to be thinking about marriage.

All I can say is when you know, you know, but a lot of people are still confused as to how I'm so sure. These are the things I hear far too often when I tell people I'm engaged.

1. "You're too young!"

Look, I know we're young, but that doesn't mean we don't know what love is! We've been together for more than three years. We've been through ups, downs, everything together. In my opinion, going through high school as a couple brought us closer because we were with each other through our highest and lowest points. He's my best friend, and even though we might be younger than average, that doesn't make us any less valid.

2. "How do you know he's the one?"

Troye makes me feel like I'm the most perfect and beautiful girl in the world. He gets me like a best friend, and he's always there for me. As I said, we've been through everything together — we've watched each other grow and change, and we've been by each others' sides to support and lift each other up the whole time. He's the shoulder I can lean on, the voice of reason in my life, and the perfect companion. In other words, I just know he's the one. It's hard to explain to other people what that's like, but he and I are the only ones who need to know anyway.

3. "When's the wedding?"

The short answer is... I don't know! The problem is, people think the engagement is so much less valid because we don't have a clue when the wedding will be. All we know is it won't be for a long while. Weddings are expensive! I'm a broke college student and he's making part-time minimum wage money and is still in high school! The thing is though, even though we don't know when the wedding will be, we still know there's going to be one.

4. "What do your parents think?"

This question is a little less clean cut. The problem is, neither of our parents know. Troye's parents warned him against proposing, but he did anyway. On the other hand, I'm just terrified of the judgment I'll receive from my parents. We want to find the right time to tell them, but there never seems to be a right time!

5. "Have you thought this through?"

Some people think we haven't thought our engagement through. That we haven't thought about the fact we'll be spending the rest of our lives together. All I can say is, obviously we've thought it through! We've been together for so long, and the relationship still doesn't feel old or tired to me. The thought of spending the rest of my life with Troye makes me light up with joy. He is everything to me, and I know this is the right decision for us.

Even after reading this, you might still think we're crazy, and that's OK! All I can say is I know he's the one for me, and I'm so excited for our future together.

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