A promise ring can mean so many different things to so many people. It is popular for only girls get a ring, but on occasion a only the boy may want one. Neither way is wrong. Some couples exchange rings so that they both have one. For example, both my boyfriend and I wear rings.

My boyfriend's ring is a black Tungsten Carbide ring, and it is beautiful! My ring is equally as beautiful, and is shown in the cover photo! Everyone has a different reason for getting a promise ring. Some people get them to say, "Hey, they're mine!" Others get it purely as a promise of marriage. Then there are some couples who get them and it means a variety of things.

No matter what your promise ring means, it's between you and your S.O. to decide. The same thing goes for what finger you wear it on. This is purely for what your S.O. and you are comfortable with. My boyfriend and I talked about rings for a while, and then we later exchanged rings together. We each wear them on our left hand, on our ring finger. I wouldn't change my ring or his for the world.

It is my most prized possession! My ring means so many different things to us as a couple. Here are the top five things that our rings symbolize.

1. Faith.

We have faith in our future together. Our rings are a symbol of faith in one another, and in us together as a team.They remind us even in the toughest of times, that we promised to be together, and that we can get through anything.

2. Loyalty.

My S.O. and I are only for each other. This is a given, is that we are in a relationship. It's a symbol of pride that we are together!

3. Worthiness.

Everyone struggles with feeling good enough. When I gave my boyfriend his ring, I promised my boyfriend that he was ALWAYS good enough. I told him that whenever he was feeling down about himself or was second-guessing himself, he could look down at his ring and know that I believe in him. Then he would know that he is good enough. When he gave me my ring he let me know that no matter what, I would always be enough for him, even when I didn't believe it myself.

4. Friendship.

My boyfriend and I are best friends! We do everything together. There is no one else I'd want to experience the world with. Our rings symbolize friendship in the best way!

5. A promise for marriage.

There is a promise of marriage in the future. We got promise rings to show that promise for each other. And next year, that promise will come true next year! We have plans to be engaged next year, and then get married after my undergrad and his doctorate. However, not everyone is in the same situation! And that is perfectly okay. For some, it might not be right now, but the ring symbolizes that one day, we're going to be husband and wife.

No matter when or what your plans are, promise rings are between you and your S.O. They are a promise to love one another forever. The rings are a symbol of love itself! I feel lucky to have my ring, and much more lucky to have my S.O. Rings aren't everything in a relationship, however. Loving and being with your boyfriend/girlfriend is ALWAYS enough and more.

My heart is so full knowing that I have the love of my life by my side. The ring is just a bonus.