1. She's independent and will always stay true to herself.

It’s likely that she doesn’t often expect or ask for help. She’s stubborn and has strong will. This doesn’t mean every now and then she wouldn’t love a helping hand. The help she is offered is received the best when she knows you’re aware she’s got this. If you don’t like her as she is, she’s okay with that, because she doesn’t need to be validated. She feels strongly about what she believes in.

2. She values honesty.

Lies cause pain and hurt, especially when they are prolonged. She wants the truth in all aspects. How can anyone understand one another if no one is talking or saying what exactly is wrong? Actions speak louder than words, so it won’t take long for her to know if you’re being real with her or not. She will value your opinion even if it’s different from her own. Learning from you is something she is most excited for. She will speak her truth and wants you to do the same! There is always more risk in lying. Honesty is magic, and creates so much more value within the relationship.

3. She doesn't want your money.

She has her own money, her own car, clothes, etc. Whatever she needs she’s been able to get, so she’s not interested in yours. Your money and things don’t impress her mind, as anyone can go out and buy things. She is not with you for financial security. This woman wants you to stimulate her mind. Your time and companionship are some of the things she values most.

4. You'll know she's always there for the right reasons.

She isn’t there because she has nothing better to do with her time, and she’s certainly not there to waste yours or her time. She’s simply there because she wants you -- all of you. She loves getting to spend time with you and get to know you -- little quirks and all the things others don’t get a chance to see. She is let into your life in a different way, and you know each other on a deeper, more spiritual level. You feed her mind and soul. She sees all the value in that. She will give faithfully to the relationship. With this being said, she knows when to walk away. She has a strong, loving, and committed heart, but if she feels unwanted or her love isn’t reciprocated, she will walk away knowing that she deserves more.

5. She will always encourage you and expect your best.

She is tough on you, but it’s because she’s tough on herself. She loves and respects you, and has all the belief in the world in you. She believes you can do and accomplish anything. She wants to encourage and bring out your best self always. You will inspire her daily and she wants to do the same for you. Drive and ambition are important to her, and she wants to know that you are trying to grow daily, because she is constantly growing. She wants to grow with you. The little things are what she remembers most. Did you remember that there is a music and arts exhibit she wanted to check out? Well if you did, bonus points for you! She just made a mental note of it! Just remember you’re like that extra scoop of ice cream -- she doesn’t need it, but really wants it.