Deal With A Cheater Like A Boss With These 5 Tips

Deal With A Cheater Like A Boss With These 5 Tips

Many of us know how it feels to be cheated on... but how do we fix it?


The worst kind of pain is when the person you invested in and loved betrays you. I've had my share of experiences when it comes to infidelity and wanting to believe it was the last time.

1. Stop blaming yourself

Usually, after finding out your significant other cheated, you immediately ask yourself "what did I do wrong?" But the only person to blame is the one who actively chose to betray your trust. If they love you, there is no excuse to cheat.

2. Don't take them back

Being the girl who got back together with the guy who cheated on her, I can say it only hurts more in the end. We inevitably had the same fights and the trust was gone. Not all repeat their mistakes, but most cheaters never change.

3. Improve yourself 

Although you should never blame yourself, it is important to look at what went wrong in the relationship and work on what you can improve with the next person. Everyone has flaws and bad habits and identifying them will benefit you and your next relationship.

4. No communication 

We all know how tempting it is at 3 a.m. or when you're tipsy, to look for their number and send a quick "hey" but all that's going to do is give your ex more power and ability to hurt you again. I don't want to be cynical but nothing good ever comes from texting your ex no matter how long you were together or how much you think you loved each other.

5. Remember the good times but that's it

It's so easy to feel resentment and anger towards someone who threw away your love but try to remember the good moments and leave it at that. At one point in time they were your everything and although things have ended, look back on them as a positive, learning experience. It makes moving on so much easier.

No matter how many articles you read, the only way to feel better about your partner cheating is to let them go. I promise you will be okay again and find someone who appreciates you.


Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Drama Vultures Are Making Gossip Around Pete Davidson And Mac Miller Go Viral, And SURPRISE, They Have No Proof

Please, GOD let this be false.


Everyone and their mothers are wondering what happened to the Ariana Grande and Peter Davidson after they called their engagement off a few days ago.

According to TMZ, both parties just agreed that "they are not ready for such a huge commitment."

But, after Davidson covered up his Grande tat behind his ear I can't help but wonder "what the heck happened guys?'

And, Ariana deleted some pictures of the couple and Pete deleted his social media for the time being.

How do you expect anyone to believe this was a peaceful breakup?

The Internet has a new theory behind their breakup. None of it's confirmed but in the everyday drama that media portrays I can't help but want to believe it. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Pete Davidson sent intimate photos of Ariana to Mac Miller as a way to taunt him that their relationship was truly over.

Apparently, Ariana Grande found out from Mac Miller's family this past weekend.

Originally, it was reported that TMZ was first to break this news, but BuzzFeed concluded that TMZ has no information on this alleged rumor from TMZ.

Although, it wouldn't surprise me that Pete Davidson would stoop to this level. In recent months, his behavior has been extremely problematic.

At Aretha Franklin's funeral Bill Clinton "eye'd up" Grande and Davidson "stuck up" for her by saying that he'd "never been prouder." But wait, it gets worse. After Grande was literally groped on live TV by the pastor, ET confirmed that Davidson spoke out by saying that he "felt bad" for him because he "didn't mean it." And just comforted Ariana by calling her "so hot."

Wow, does this all sound so familiar? Why the hell would Ariana—this POWERFUL woman—stay with someone who literally belittles her character and women in general.

Oh, wait. Remember on SNL when he "joked" about hiding her birth control so that she'd stay with him?

Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on His Engagement to Ariana Grande - SNL

If you ask me, Pete's character adds up to these allegations. But we won't know for sure until more info hits the public.

I hope for Ariana's mental health and well being this is false. But, I feel like so many people are standing up for Davidson because he's a comedian and has little to no empathy for anything what so ever.

Even Barstool Sports can confirm his lack of empathy when he told Howard Stern that he tries to hold out longer during sex so, he thinks about his father (a firefighter who died in 911) being burned alive.

While it has yet to be confirmed if Pete Davidson did send intimate photos of Ariana to Mac Miller, Davidson does not deserve sympathy during this breakup.

Whether the rumors are true or not, for Davidson's sake, he'll want to keep this under wraps. He said he was getting death threats before, I could only imagine what would happen if this was proven true.

But, for now, we'll just wait till someone comments on the breakup and hold our own assumptions. I'm just happy my girl Ariana realized her worth.

Image Credit: Ariana Grande on Instagram

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40 Eye-Rolling Twitter Reactions To Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's Not-So-Shocking Split

Ariana and Pete broke all the rules and it didn't end well.


Ladies and gentleman, it happened, idealized Ariana Grande and the bold Pete Davidson are officially over. So long for the surprise engagement, longed-for fairytale wedding, and can I say it, gorgeous babies with high ponytails.

Has #breakupseason begun?

The two seemed to have rushed into their relationship too quickly–they got engaged within a month–and too soon after the Ariana and Mac Miller split back in May, but with a few social media posts, tattoos, and a song about the relationship, the new couple seemed to be on cloud nine. Nonetheless, in the end, are we really that surprised? Especially, since Mac Miller's tragic passing and the exhausting consequences that Grande has been going through. I can't put words in her mouth, but it seems as though she needs some space, and her recent Twitter posts reveal this depressing desire.

Tons of Arianators are applauding the recent news as they know their idol deserves better than Davidson's crude, sexual remarks.

1. #PeteDavidsonIsOverParty 

I wouldn't be surprised if devoted fans actually start throwing celebrations and blasting, "God Is A Woman."

2. Spill the tea

We all knew this relationship would sink to rock bottom eventually.

3. Anticlimactic at it's best

I don't wish any harm on Pete and hope he'll be able to overcome this heartbreak.

4. True fan

"Normal people" breakups are tough as is, but "famous people" breakups with the stress of the internet, paparazzi, and fame isn't something I'd wish on my enemies.

5. Pete is dunzo

Respect your partner!

6. Ariana is a strong, independent woman

She needs no man to lift her back up!

7. I was really hoping for the last option

I mean, can they still make a movie for option number three?

8. Some relationships come to an end

So who said love lasts?

9. Relationship rules

Ariana and Pete broke all the rules and it didn't end well.

10.  Can we move on?

Nothing that traumatic happened, we can begin ship some other couples now.

11.  I'd watch Robarazzi 

I miss Robbie's blog.

12.  I hope he's okay

Ouch! That's got to hurt.

13. Can someone lend Pete an extra bed until he can find his way?


14. Quick, pretend to be surprised

It's just like your surprise party! But your best friend ruined it the night before, so you just got to fake it.

15.  Disappointment at it's finest

Au revoir to their red carpet moments.

16.  Keep me posted on how that goes

Guess we all should start learning voodoo magic to get the man of our dreams.

17.  At least there's a positive

I'm hoping that this isn't on Davidson's mind right now.

18.  That was aggressive

I don't even know how I would go about kicking someone out of our my apartment.

19.  Hope he learns his lesson

I wonder if Ariana Grande will speak out on the comments.

20.  I wonder who the money maker was

Don't worry guys, Pete will be just fine.

21.  Get your priorities straight

Use your voice, make it count, and vote!

22.  It's got to be awkward

*presses pause* Stares at the ceiling in silence.

23.  Pretty sure love doesn't exist anymore

Love and all it's components freak me out.

24.  At the end of the day, we just want to believe in love

But, I still want there to be true love in this world.

25.  They woke up from a dream

Guess the big dick energy (BDE) didn't hold up.

26.  No

Just, no.

27.  I knew it! I knew it! I win!

Wait, what do I win?

28.  As if

I mean, how could he say those things?

29.  No woman needs to keep a man

Men, like women, are not objects to possess. No need to glorify the concept of having a man.

30.  No one is going to die alone

We have the internet, we aren't alone.

31.  You must watch this at least three times

Try not to laugh.

32.  We are all the same

Cardi B uniting us as one.

33.  It'll be okay

She's fine. Her fans are fine. It's fine.

34.  *Gasp*

Imagine hearing the screams of all the girls on campus.

35.  Acne-clearing magic

I'm still waiting for my skin to clear up. Who has to breakup now for that to happen?

36.  Key words: mega millionaire

I'm following up on this conspiracy.

37.  Preach this kind of love

True fan award goes to @ariomoqrande.

38.  Tag Ariana right now


39.  History repeats itself


40.  Breathe

No one tell her to calm down! That will only make things worse.

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