What exactly went wrong? Why did they just stop talking to me?

Here's why ghosting is the worst thing you could do to someone:

1. It prevents you from getting closure

Closure is something that most people need. If you're like me, closure is something you want in order to move on from the situation. Picture it, you two were texting back and fourth and boom, no reply from them. Instead of an "I'm busy text" or "I'll text you later," you get no response. It's as if you are talking to a ghost and the person never existed. I know how you feel, I had this happen to me last summer without a reason why. The problem with closure is even though you crave it and desire it, the person isn't going to give you what you want. Making peace with it is the only thing you can do.

2. You don't want to feel abandoned

Once again you two are talking for a while, and then nothing comes out of it. You start questioning what went wrong, and you are pretty sure that they just don't have time to answer. Hours turn into days, days turn into weeks. As more time passes, you finally get smacked in the face by the truth, you've been abandoned. Yeah, this person dropped you without a second thought crossing their mind even though they float on yours. That feeling sucks, and it's hard to come to the realization of it.

3. You thought you were friends or more

After talking to someone from November all the way to June, I thought things were pretty solid. Sure we hit a bump, fell out but got back to talking afterward. I really thought we had a chance to become something whether that be just good friends or possibly more. I wanted the whole relationship even though there were a few obstacles, but I was going to work with it. Once I was ghosted things made more sense in my mind. I didn't really mean nothing to him for him to drop me as if I was just a stranger. I thought highly of him, I gave him the benefit of the doubt but what did I get in the end? Someone who didn't care when I thought we could be something.

4. It makes you feel alone

After all, you did talk to this person for quite some time, and you were enjoying their company. You like their words and grow used to them but when they don't want to say them any more things change. After the dust is settled, your phone isn't going off anymore, or you just never see that person again. You realize that you were hanging onto them and now that they are gone, you are alone.

5. It's embarrassing

Who wants to admit that they have been kicked to the curb? It's embarrassing to admit you had feeling for someone who you wanted to be with and thought the same thing about them. To think that you thought you meant something to them but clearly, you didn't really shatters you to the bone. Your heart is in pieces, your body is intact, but you can't hide the emotional damage it did.

6. You start to have self doubt

What exactly went wrong? Why did they just stop talking to me? Why can't they just tell me what is wrong? These are questions that play through your mind while all of this happens. You really start to wonder if it is your own fault and can't hold back the guilt that it brings. They don't realize it but we put it on ourselves because that is how our minds work. In fact, it is never our fault as they were the ones to give up on us first.