Last week, I caught myself talking to one of my friends about how even if I was single, I don't believe that I'd have any interest in participating in today's so-called hookup culture. For those of you who don't know, hookup culture is what has largely replaced dating in college.

Instead of being in a committed relationship, both sides agree to keep things “casual" with “no strings attached," which is ultimately supposed to relieve the stressors brought on by commitment.

When I decided to continue my long-term relationship in college, I knowingly gave up some of the freedoms people long to experience in college, and I'd be lying if I didn't wonder what it would be like if I had chosen otherwise.

However, while at a glance “hooking up" might seem ideal, ultimately, it's pretty unsatisfying and usually, someone ends up getting hurt.

Call me an old-school hopeless romantic, but I want more from a relationship than just a hookup. What I've cherished about my relationship is the incredible bond that has grown over the course of two years, and how I can always depend on my significant other when I need to. If hooking up works for you, hey, that's great.

Regardless of how you choose to date (or not date) here's six times “He's Just Not That Into You" perfectly described hookup culture.

1. Having to constantly check a million different apps just to see if he's interested in you

Remember simpler times, when you didn't have to check Tinder, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat just to see if he's swiped right or left you on read? Don't you miss it, even just a little bit?

Nowadays, we're constantly hung up over whether we're being left on read. What if they actually have a decent reason for why they haven't replied to your 17 Snapchats? You'd probably never know because you're too busy checking all your other social media apps.

2. Putting up with f*ckboys

While hooking up is usually a mutual decision, there's still that one f*ckboy who seems to cheat the system one way or another. Whether he likes to have his weekends free or won't text you back regarding anything other than a hookup, hooking up can be chronically unsatisfying for one (or both) parties involved.

3. Secretly wanting more out of your hookup

Along with sometimes putting up with less than you deserve, you might just want more than just a physical connection with someone. However, be wary of calling them in 15-minute intervals. If you think you want more out of a hookup, your best bet is to have a face-to-face conversation about it.

That way, they can hear your concerns and you won't look desperate while blowing up their phone. Hooking up might be fun while it lasts, but it's more than likely that there will come a time where it's no longer as great as it once was.

4. Also secretly knowing that he's not worth your time

If any of these gifs described me as a friend, this would be it. I always have to be the one to tell them when a guy just simply isn't worth their time. For a third party like myself, it's usually pretty easy to see all the red flags surrounding a hookup.

For example, if he says he's going to break up with his girlfriend for an entire semester and still hasn't done anything, he's probably not ever going to. While it may seem harsh, in the end, they usually thankfully for helping them dodge a bullet.

5. Instead of changing your look, you change your profile picture

While changing your profile picture is much cheaper than changing your hair or your clothes, it's just an illusion. In this day and age, anyone can make themselves out to be just about anyone without having to be who they truly are.

That being said, not everyone is who they say they are on the internet. When people went on actual dates with people that they'd met before, at least they knew what they were getting themselves into.

6. Despite all the bulls***, knowing that one day you'll find the right one

Despite dealing with f*ckboys, you know that one day you'll find someone who does want more than a hookup. That being said, when that day comes, you'll have a hell of a story to tell about all the f*ckboys that you met along the way.