My boyfriend and I have been together for many years (six years..but who's counting?) and we always get asked the awkward question of "when are y'all going to get married? you know you will not be young forever." Our generic response to this is "we will see what happens after we graduate" which generally makes the other party pause. Or let out an exaggerated "ooohhhh" like waiting until after college to get married is not normal, like we are the weird ones.

So instead of yelling "it's not the 1950s no mo' Brenda, you do not have to be married by 21 these days!!" I decided I would address it.

Here are 7 reasons why everyone should wait until after they graduate to get married:

1. Planning a wedding is stressful

College is stressful enough. Why in the world would you want to torture yourself by adding more stress on top of classes and working? This baffles me.

2. Money

How do you plan on being financially stable? If you are currently in college and working at a minimum wage job how do you plan on supporting yourself and your hubby? Also if you allow yourself the time to save up money there is a chance that you will eventually be able to afford a bomb wedding.


WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU PLAN A WEDDING YOU CANNOT DRINK AT???? You know you are too young when you cannot legally have a cocktail to calm your nerves.

4. Maturity

Do y'all realize that a boys brain is not fully developed until around age 25? So based on their brain development y'all are practically marrying teenage boys—gross.

5. Social status

Seeing as the majority of people want to get married super fast (especially in a small town) everyone else will have already had their weddings by the time you decide to get married. That way everyone will focus more on yours. More people focused on you = more presents, holla!

6. Freshman 15

Hopefully, by the time your wedding comes around you will have lost your freshman 15.

7. Marriage is forever

If you plan to be with someone forever what is the rush to get a ring and a piece of paper? I am a firm believer that marriage is a feeling, if you feel that you will be together forever isn't that enough for right now?