Ah, hookups.

In the age of hookup culture rising on college campuses, hookups are happening just about everywhere and all the time.

They can fun and exciting and sometimes they lead to even better things....but they can also be god awful. Here's a list of the 7 worst types of hookups we've all had before.

1. The one who let you down

There’s no way around this one. They just simply were not…good. It certainly wasn’t there first time, but they clearly still had no idea what they were doing.

2. The one you just can't get rid of

You thought you’d hook up once and never have to see them again. You’d never even seen them around until now. But now you see them everywhere. You run into them grabbing dinner, going to the movies, walking back to your dorm room. They are literally everywhere you go and always make awkward eye contact with you.

3. The one who's a bad kisser

You bring someone home and they are the definition of the perfect hookup. You think everything is going to go great and that you’ve scored big time….until you’re getting down to business and you feel like a leech has been attached to your mouth. You try to stick it out, thinking if you can just make it to the sex part things will get better. But you can’t stop thinking about the leech sucking on your lips.

4. The one you should've just stayed friends with

In the moment, it seemed like a really good idea. You’re friends. You like each other. You’re both comfortable together. What could go wrong? As it turns out, everything. Sure, your friendship may not come to an end, but it never stops being weird as f*ck. You never look at each other the same. And having sex-talks with them and their new significant other is even weirder. It’s a line you cannot uncross.

5. The one who's sexually incompatible

Sometimes, you go home with someone who seems more vanilla, but they turn out to be kinkier than expected. Other times, you bring home a wild one who turns out to be pretty boring in bed. Either way, you were either happily surprised or annoyingly disappointed with this hookup.

6. The one who wanted more than sex

What you thought was a casual, meaningless hookup was actually the start of their feelings for you. It’s not that they aren’t a great person, you just aren’t interested or aren’t looking for anything right now. Now you have to let them down gently.

7. The one who only wanted sex

Oh, how the tables have turned. Now you’re the one who’s catching feelings, but all they wanted was casual, meaningless sex. You told them how you felt, and they told you they want to just keep hooking up. The worst hookup is always the you didn’t even know was just a hookup.