The holiday season can be incredibly expensive if you aren't strategic about it. Especially if you're buying for family, friends, your dog, your significant other's dog, your girlfriend, or your boyfriend — whatever it is, there's a lot to think about.

Yes, this is the case even if you're hitting all the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. But listen! Christmas doesn't have to be so expensive, because it's the thought that counts. Here are 8 easy, budget-friendly ideas that'll make excellent gifts for your S.O. all of which are extra thoughtful because they're homemade.

1. "I Love You Because" Letters For Every Month You Have Been Dating

2. Love Coupons 

3.  52 Things I Love About You Card Deck

4. Hershey Kiss "Kisses For When I'm Not Around" Jar

5. A Memory Box

6. Couples' Movie Night Kit

7.  A Scrapbook

8. A Date Night Jar

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