Let's face it, Bridget Jones is a train wreck. However, she is also far too relatable and shares many great life lessons on her journey to find love, and at the same time find herself.

1. Put yourself first.

And do not apologize for it. You'll be so much happier in the long-run

2. You're going to occasionally embarrass yourself.

It happens to everyone! Just laugh it off and continue to be fabulous with everyone else.

3. Live to the fullest.

Because life is too short to to be sad. Go to the party, flirt with the rockstar and cheers to NGochi!

4. Speak your mind.

In work, love or otherwise, it's never too late to decide you want more. Be confident in your decisions.

5. Follow your heart.

Even if that means running through snow across town in you underwear. Just don't forget shoes!!

6. Being brokenhearted is no fun.

And it's completely okay to be sad and want to eat the entire contents of one's fridge.

7. Dieting blows.

8. Believe in love.

Because at the end, if it's meant to be, it will be.