I would say I am the type of girl who likes to be in relationships because it's always nice to have someone to lean on and be with. For the last three months, though, I have been single and I have already learned so much about myself. Especially since I basically have not been single since my sophomore year of high school. I was taken most of high school and then was single for a couple of months before jumping into another relationship.

But, this time around it is a little different. I like being single... I enjoy the time I have to myself and all the fun I can have throughout summer when I'm not working. Even though it's been a few short months, I can surely say I've matured and it's allowed me to learn quite a bit about myself. Here are the 8 lessons I've learned about relationships, myself, and family:

1. If it's too good to be true, it most likely is.

When I moved on, I thought I found who would have potentially been my next boyfriend. Everything was going great and I really started to fall for the guy. Turns out in the end, we both wanted different things because of miscommunication. We've all fallen in the trap of the cute boy who sweeps us off of our feet thinking he's going to fall in love with us but really doesn't.

2. Getting played is not your fault.

It's how dating life goes... being played is bound to happen at least once. And it will hurt, especially if you were catching feelings.

3. Spending time with family should always be a priority.

I've spent a lot more time with my mom now that I'm single and I know she appreciates that since I'm away at school for nine months out of the year.

4. People who like you will give you their time.

I learned if someone actually wants to get to know me like that, they'll put effort in too.

5. Motivation is key.

I have three part-time jobs this summer. We're all adults here so I push myself to work more so it will better me in the future. I have no one waiting for me at home so why not push myself to become more successful?

6. Being single is a blast.

I know I said I'm the type of person who loves having someone, but I've truly gained an appreciation for being single. I can hang out with whoever I want and go on dates to enjoy myself and get to know someone and it's quite fun.

7. Confidence comes from within.

I've struggled with some body images in the past and once I was single and realized how much I am worth, the confidence came back. And always remember that confidence is key.

8. It's only the beginning.

I'm only 20 years old... I have my whole life ahead of me to find someone. I'm in college pursuing my career as well as holding multiple jobs. Sometimes I need to tell myself to sit back and enjoy myself because this is only just the beginning.

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