Being bisexual has its own set of challenges, a big one being that a lot of people don't think bisexuality is real. I came out a little over three years ago, and here are some questions I have been asked on multiple occasions.

1. "Do you want to have a threesome?"

Literally anyone can have a lot of threesomes, being bisexual has nothing to do with it. Just because someone identifies as bisexual does not mean that they enjoy threesome or group sex it simply means they are attracted to men and women.

2. "Why can't you just choose one?"

This is probably the most frustrating thing you can ask someone who is bisexual. Being sexual has its own set of complications and stigmas associated with it. It can be confusing being attracted to two different genders. Bisexual people are simply attracted to men and women they do not need to choose: it's who they are attracted too.

3. "You've mostly been dating guys (or girls) lately, does that mean you're not bisexual anymore?"

Once again, being bisexual means you are attracted to men and women. Attraction is based on so many different things (physical appearance, personality, emotional intimacy, etc). Attraction can also be fluid and just because someone has been dating a certain gender for a certain period of time doesn't mean that their sexual orientation has changed. It simply means that they have found individuals they are attracted too and happy with—that can easily change.

4. "You probably sleep with a lot of people don't you?"

This one is honestly humorous. Your sexual orientation does not determine how many people you sleep with. Your libido and sexual desires does. You can be straight and sleep with a lot of people or bisexual and have a few sexual partners.

5. "You know you have a higher chance of getting STDs because you're going to sleep with more people, right?"

Once again, being bisexual does not determine how many people you will sleep with. Also, have you heard of safe sex? There are ways to have safe sex with men and women. Obviously, the more sexual partners anyone has the more at risk they are for getting STDs but everyone should practice safe sex and get tested regularly.

6. "Did you have to sleep with men and women to realize you were bisexual?"

Did you have to sleep with a bunch of men (or women) to realize you were straight? I don't think so. Attraction is not just sexual, there is emotional, spiritual and psychological attraction. Being bisexual isn't just about being sexually attracted to both genders it's about being attracted to a variety of aspects of men and women.

7. "How are you going to choose who you are going to marry?"

My response is always, "How are you going to choose who you are going to marry?" Being bisexual doesn't mean you have a special standard for who you are going to end with. A bisexual person will probably marry someone they love, see a future with, and are in a committed relationship with (pretty similar to what gay or straight people would look for in a partner, right?)

8. "How do you decide who to date?"

It's pretty similar to how other people decide to date. We go on dates (like everyone else). We probably have sex with them (like everyone else). We continue to spend time with them (like everyone else). And if this all goes well we will end up dating them. It doesn't matter if they are male or female—if the connection or attraction is there we are going to date them.