Love has many effects on people, many of which aren't logical. However, it's undeniable there's a transformation that happens to a girl who's being loved properly. Of course, this varies from girl to girl, but when she's in a healthy relationship the results are similar.

Everyone should seek out a relationship that makes them a better version of themselves.

When a girl has a partner who is uplifting and encouraging, she gains a stronger sense of confidence and higher self-esteem. It's important for her to know her significant other is her biggest fan and will always be rooting for her. This is monumental in the growth a girl experiences when she's receiving effective love.

Additionally, she will be less stressed. Life outside the relationship is stressful enough, she doesn't want to come home to more after a long day. Now, this is not to say it will never be stressful (all relationships are to an extent), but with a partner who is properly giving love, there are fewer arguments, and when there are, they are handled with much more grace.

She'll just simply be happier — as she should be.

How could she not be? Being raised up and nurtured, knowing someone only wants the best for her. There are many things on this Earth that can bring happiness, but love is one of the most powerful.

All of this is not to say a girl cannot be happy without a relationship... HELL NO! You need to be comfortable enough with yourself before you can truly experience the full capacity of loving another and receiving it back.

The point is that we are meant to constantly change in this life, and sometimes these changes are triggered by people other than ourselves — sometimes a significant other.

Growth and maturity is the greatest payoff of all. There's nothing like stepping back and looking at one's own development and seeing the tremendous gains. A girl's partner can share in this triumph as well.

If she's with someone long enough, the relationship will undergo many hardships... but with the right partner, such hardships will be discussed and de-escalated in a mature fashion, offering further mental, emotional development for both parties.

All girls deserve this kind of love, but it definitely is not easy to find.

Whether you are the girl in this narrative or the significant other, understand the influence you have in another person's life. Be genuine and patient. Be passionate and gentle. If you are currently single, take time to build yourself up and figure out what an ideal partner would be like for you.

Romantic or platonic, love is transformative. If you're lucky enough to experience the glow of unconditional love, know you are very fortunate.

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