It's no secret that Peter's season of "The Bachelor" has been VERY dramatic since the start and while I love him and want the absolute best for him, all I can really say is... oof, because what a mess it has been. So much so that I've caught myself cringing, but I simply can't stop watching (obviously).

Naturally, though, watching the show each week makes it easy to point out exactly what actions would simply not fly in the real world of dating. You know, anywhere other than the Bachelor mansion or television.

Here are 9 very bright red flags Peter has raised that absolutely do not deserve our final rose:

1. He still has feelings for his ex, Hannah B


We might not be able to control who we love, but we can control whether or not we go on a dating show when we're still in love with an ex.

2. He even left a date because he was upset over her

I'm sorry, but if I were on that date I would have left... IMMEDIATELY. Like I would not have been able to run fast enough.

3. He brought a girl home to meet his family on the first date


Sure, the producers may have been involved in that date arrangement, but WOAH. Let's pump the breaks, Petey. OK?

4. Then he gave her a framed picture of her with his family during their SECOND meeting

5. He asked Lexi to remind him who she was because he couldn't remember what they talked about

Poor girl! Even if he couldn't remember exactly what they talked about (I get it, there are a lot of them), he has some nerve being like "who are you again?" OK OK, he didn't say those words exactly, but honestly... he might as well have.

6. He’s a kissing bandit


This isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. Pace yourself, Peter!

7. He made out with Victoria F in front of everyone

This one kind of speaks for itself...

8. He can't see the red flags right in front of him


9. He told multiple women he's falling for them

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