Ask me about my weaknesses and two that would definitely fall somewhere at the top of the list would be candles and TV heartthrobs. Because let's face it, a world without either is just not as fun.

Now, a world where I can get both of these things in one is exactly the world I want to live in and, lucky for me (and you, don't even try to deny it), Define Design 11 has made this possible with their custom candles.

Each handmade candle features one of your favorite television hotties, from Stefan and Damon Salvatore of "The Vampire Diaries" to McDreamy from "Grey's Anatomy," and, of course, Ross, Chandler, and Joey from "Friends," and their unique scents are created to remind you of your small screen sweetheart.

Now, if you're into Joe Exotic... they have one for him, too. So whether it's for yourself or a friend, click through the slideshow below to browse your options. They keep getting better and better.

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