If You Have 20/20 Vision, You Can’t See These 10 Annoying Problems Anyone Who Wears Glasses Can

Being "blind" is not fun, and it's not for everyone. I started wearing glasses in the 3rd grade and I tried everything to avoid getting them. That whole "carrots are good for your eyes" thing is totally a lie! I ate so many carrots thinking it was going to help but it did nothing. Having glasses is super annoying and I'm about to tell you why...

1. They get dirty so fast.


Honestly I feel like I'm always cleaning them.

2. People always want to try them on.


Then, even worse, they hit you with the, "Wow, you really can't see". Uhhh no Susan I can't.

3. You can't lay down in them.


Whenever you lay on your side, your glasses do the thing.

4. Once you put them down, you can't find them.


If I'm wearing contacts and I'm doing my makeup, I'll throw my glasses on my bed and then have to feel around for them.

5.  You can't wear cute sunglasses.


Double glasses is a major no.

6. You can't see what you look like when you're picking out new ones.


Reasons my glasses have not always been the cutest.

7. You miss spots when you shave.


The struggle is real when you're trying to shave and you can't even see two inches in front of you.

8. Swimming...


Either you swim blind or you swim with the risk of breaking and/or losing your glasses

9. Getting asked why you don't wear contacts.


Because I work at 3 and 4 a.m. or I have class at 8 a.m. Contacts are for special events because I'm lazy.

10. The eye doctors.


Okay, so the eye doctor actually isn't bad, but you have to go over every time you start to squint your eyes, which for me is every 6 months.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

27 Country Songs That'll Make You Need Your Own Southern Boy

Once you fall for the South there is no going back.


Barbeques on the 4th of July, pick-up trucks on a summer's country drive, and staring out at an endless sea of stars by a campfire are just a few of the luxuries of living in the South.

These only get better once you find yourself a southern gentleman - someone who's hard-working, puts family first, minds his manners, and upholds southern hospitality. If you don't believe me, then these country songs will make you change your mind.

I dare you not to fall for a southern gentleman.

1. Whatever It Is - Zac Brown Band

2. As She’s Walking Away - Zac Brown Band

3. Yes! - Chad Brock

4. Play It Again - Luke Bryan

5. She’s Everything - Brad Paisley

6. Then - Brad Paisley

7. Remember When - Alan Jackson

8. Wanted - Hunter Hayes

9. Friday Night - Eric Paslay

10. Carried Away - George Strait

11. Waitin’ On A Woman - Brad Paisley

12. The Trouble With Girls - Scotty McCreery

13. Stealing Cinderella - Chuck Wicks

14. It Won’t Be Like This For Long - Darius Rucker

15. Letters From Home - John Michael Montgomery

16. Could I Have This Dance - Anne Murray

17. I Keep On Lovin’ You - Reba McEntire

18. Kiss Me - Lucy Hale

19. Love - Jana Kramer

20. Johnny & June - Heidi Newfield

21. I Want Crazy - Hunter Hayes

22. My Wish - Rascal Flatts

23. Wild Child - Kenny Chesney 

24. Highway Don’t Care - Tim McGraw

25. God Made Girls - RaeLynn

26. For A Boy - RaeLynn

27. Love Me Like You Mean It - Kelsea Ballerini

Once you fall for the South there is no going back.

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How To Deal With Long Distance Over Winter Break

It's a long time, but don't panic.


The Holidays are one of the most romantic times of the season. Snuggling up by the fire, touring Christmas lights downtown, and kissing under the mistletoe are all highlights we've come to adore.

Unless your significant other isn't home with you.

Being without your boo for the holidays is something no one should have to endure. It makes you feel lonely and left out, but it's not impossible to survive the season.

1. Surround yourself with friends and family

Christmas break is a long time to spend at home. Your other half not being there is a bummer, but try to focus on how often you see them in comparison to how little you see your friends and family back home. Hang out with your siblings, play board games, help cook desserts with your mother, go to the movies with your friends who went out of state. Make the most of the time that you have with them before you have to go back to campus.

2. Pick back up old hobbies you didn't have time for during classes

When you're taking a full load of classes, you have very little time spent to do anything else. If you also have a job, it's even less. Those passions that used to inspire you have been put on a shelf for far too long. Whether that;s painting, writing, running, photographing or whatever else, you deserve to pursue what sets your soul on fire. Spend a little bit of your extra free time at home by putting that as a priority.

3. FaceTime each other to catch up

Although being apart sucks, you still have to respect them spending time with their family. Communication might slip up a little, but odds are, they don't go home too often either. FaceTime each other on occasion to catch up on those lost face-to-face interactions you had during Fall semester. You'll get to see them even if you aren't able to spend time with them for the holidays.

4. Pick up some extra shifts at work

If you have a job, spending a little more time on the clock is a great way to kill some time and also make some good money while you're at it. No one really likes to work during the holiday season, but there are tons of openings for seasonal workers and other customer service jobs because of this busy time. Plus, since it's the season of giving, you might just get some fat tips for doing so.

5. Take a road trip to see your significant other

If you have a few days of freedom from the festivities of the season, hop in your car and don't let distance stand between the two of you. Whether you go to take part in some of their family's celebrations, to explore the Christmas lights in their hometown, or just to give them a big, tight hug, some time spent with your other half will be good for you. Make up for lost time and squeeze them a little bit tighter for when you have to go back home.

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