5 Things I Wish My Boyfriend Understood About My Anxiety Instead Of Ending Our Relationship

Sometimes people just don't listen to you regardless of how many times you try to make your voice heard. This is even more common in anxiety, making the numbers only 36.9% of people in the United States being actively treated for their anxiety disorders. The most common anxiety disorder, and the one that I have, is Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Here's what I wish my ex could have known about my anxiety:

1. You did NOT cause my panic attack.

You have no idea how stressful it is to try to explain to your significant other that they did not cause your anxiety or your panic attacks. Every time that my ex would blame himself for my anxiety, it only made things worse. I wanted to lock myself away and cry, and I know I'm not the only one with an anxiety disorder that feels this way. Stop blaming yourself for anxiety.

2. You can NOT force somebody to take medication.


My ex tried to force me to get prescribed medication for my anxiety, even going as far as nearly breaking up with me because I didn't want to be put on medication. The more you try to force somebody to take any type of medicine, the less likely they are to actually use it.

Yes, I'm now on medication. However, I did that by my own choice.

I reached out to my parents and the doctor on my own, not because somebody told me that it would be the best thing for me.

3. Breaking up with somebody over a mental illness is NOT okay.

Seriously. I dealt with a ton of things that I could have avoided if I broke up with my ex, but he thought it would be completely fine to say he was going to break up with me because I had a bad panic attack when he wanted to go out on a date once. Nice try, but that makes you seem like a jerk. Don't do this.

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4. I just need a shoulder to cry on.

Whenever I started to feel upset, degrading me for it would only make me worse. I needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to lean on, someone to make me feel like I was loved. I needed someone to make me feel like I had a purpose, not like I was a disgrace that nobody needed in their life.

5. Sometimes I cannot leave my house.

My ex never understood that there were some days that I just needed to spend the entire day snuggled up in my bed with my cat and Netflix. Some days I just couldn't force myself to face the judgment of the world outside of my room. Some days I just wanted to sleep all day or play video games on my own. Some days I just wanted to sketch and listen to music and be left alone. Anxiety is a mental illness that has symptoms very similar to depression, and some days those symptoms made themselves more known than the symptoms that he was more used to me showing.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

10 Soulful Luke Combs Lyrics To Get You Through That Bad Breakup

Breakups are tough, but Luke Combs is here to help.


Breakups are very hard to deal with, whether you ended the relationship or your significant other did. The clock on the wall will cure it all and so will Luke Combs, so here's 10 lyrics to do exactly that:

1. "But the clock on the wall will cure it all, even though that ain't how it seems"

2. "You wrecked my world when you came and hit me like a hurricane"

3. "Whoever said it ain't the end of the world and you'll find somebody new, must've never met you"

4. "I picked myself up off the floor and found something new worth living for"

5. "Don't know what you got 'till it's gone, and you're out on your own. All you want is what you can't get back"

6. "And I ain't gotta see my ex future mother-in-law anymore. Oh lord, when it rains it pours"

7. "I'm one number away from calling you. I said I was through, but I'm dying inside"

8. "The second I left, I was kicking myself cause I knew I should've stayed."

9. "I didn't know then, but I sure know now that long neck iced cold beer never broke my heart"

10. "There's a lot of things in this 'ole world I can stand, but when it comes to losing you I just can't"

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4 Reasons I Will NEVER Get Back Together With Any Of My Ex-Boyfriends

It's your loss babe, not mine.


For being so young I have gone through so much unfair and unnecessary pain because I tried to find love too quick. I have not had one relationship end on good terms and I wish I could say it was all their fault, but I cannot help but to believe there must be something I am doing wrong.

In this generation, people say "I love you" too fast and goodbye too soon. We millennials put all our passion in the beginning of things, forgetting there are greater ends to be discovered. My soul has beaten down, broken, and lost to multiple men that I believed had true intentions. Even though I have never had a good relationship, to be extremely honest, if I knew when I was younger who would break my heart I would never try to change it.

Somedays, like the day I am writing this on, I feel empty and lost because of the suffering that I have experienced and I feel as though I will never be good enough and never find complete happiness. On other days I rejoice because the men that have broken my heart have humbled me. I am loathsome and grateful for them and my experiences with them all at the same time.

Although there are saddening times and certain things that I miss about my exes I will never get back together with any of them for four reasons.

1. Immaturity.

I started dating when I was 13. My first real boyfriend, and what I thought at the time to be first my first real love, broke up with me through text on New Year's Eve. My 13-year-old self was devastated and thought my entire world was ending. Clearly, that is an experience I remember and tell because the kids in middle school and junior high really believe that they are with their forever person, but they have a huge awakening because immaturity does not go well with relationships.

2. Cheating.

Getting cheated on broke my entire image of myself and I couldn't find one good quality about myself because I truly believed that if there was one that he would not have done it. I was wrong, and I wish the day that I found out he had cheated on me that I would not have begged for him to stay with me. After choosing another girl over me I should have realized he is and never will be the truly good man I need and he does not deserve the woman I am.

3. We changed.

I'm not completely the same person I was three months again, let alone 2 years again, and honestly, neither is he. Growing apart is not a bad thing, it is something that just happens naturally. Years later, when we speak, I may not laugh at the same jokes anymore and I may not smile at the same things that I did when I was 16. We both have been with other people and have seen and done new things, there is nothing wrong with that. It is just simply moving on. As Sam Waterson said, "If you're not moving forward, you're falling back." I chose to move forward with my life over falling back into my toxic relationships and for that, I have changed into someone I love and someone they will never have again.

4. You let me down.

I have two expectations of men when it comes to dating, to be loyal and to be loving. A relationship is nothing without trust and giving the same energy back that you put in. That is completely what all my past relationships have lacked. My exes have let me down because they could not fill my expectations that should be what is in any normal, healthy relationship. In today's world, everyone has commitment issues and not many people know how to let themselves just fall. That is devastating for the people that do because they, like myself, get hurt and are made to feel it's their fault.

To everyone I've dated or talked to, thank you for breaking my heart and showing me that you are exactly what I do not need in my life.

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