6 Questions To Ask Yourself If You're Wondering If They're 'The One'

6 Questions To Ask Yourself If You're Wondering If They're 'The One'

"Home isn't a place on the map, its a place in someone's heart."

What do you look for in someone? Really think about it. What kind of person makes you and happy and makes you want to be with them?

These are tough questions to ask ourselves. Some of us might start with the physical stuff, others might say a great personality, a great attitude. But think about it—do we know about all these things before we meet someone?

We fall in love with people for who they are. We keep falling in love with our significant other for who they are, but what we forget to fall in love with is the relationship. The relationship itself can bring you so much joy and excitement. You need to fall in love with not only the person but the relationship. Allow yourself to fall in love with both things and you’ll be so happy.

Here are a few things to think about when falling in love with the relationship and your S.O.:

1. Does it make you happy?

Truly happy. The kind of happy you can’t make force yourself to be. The kind of happy that makes you smile when you see their name on your phone. The happy that makes you glow. Happy that makes you feel like your high. Get high off the happy in the relationship.

2. Do you miss him when he’s not around?

Truly miss him. The kind of miss that makes your heart hurt. The missing you have as soon as you leave them. The feeling when you always want to be with that person and no amount of time can satisfy the need to be with them. The moments you miss that person so much you just want to cry. This is the missing you want to experience in a relationship.

3. Is your boyfriend the first person you want to call when you get news?

No matter what type of news. Good. Bad. Ugly. The feeling of needing to talk to your boyfriend when you get your dream job or the feeling of calling him as soon as you hear your grandfather died. In a relationship, your significant other should be your go-to person. You should want to share everything with them first.

4. Does he support you?

The kind of support your mom gives you. The moments when you don’t even believe in yourself, he is there to pick you up and tell you he believes. The type of support to motivate you to do the absolute best you can. The support to let you follow your dreams even if it isn’t the most ideal situation, even if it takes you both hours apart.

5. Do you see a future with him?

The dreaming of getting married to him and having a family together. The dreams of sitting on a front porch swing at age 60 holding hands. The feeling of always wanting to go on an adventure with him by your side. Think about sharing your life with each other, seeing each other sick and being the dr. The future of seeing each other at their bests and their worsts and still being in love with that person.

6. Does he make you feel like home?

When home becomes a person and not a place you know its real. The feeling of being safe and that nothing could hurt you. When you feel that no matter where you are its home. Being in his arms is the best feeling in the world and it truly makes you happy. When home goes from being a place on a map to a very special person, this is when you know the relationship is the best for you. This feeling is something you will know when you feel it. A feeling that you can’t make up and once you feel it will want to feel it every day.

Falling in love with your boyfriend and your relationship is really important. Make sure that your relationship is something that truly makes you a better person. It truly makes you happy. You can see a clear future with that person. Let home go for a place, to a place in someone’s heart.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

6 Reasons Sober Weddings Are Better Than Open Bar Receptions, For Anyone Keeping Tabs

Prepare for the party of the century.


As anyone who has even thought about wedding planning knows, there is one question that plagues the future couple more than anything else—to open bar, or not to open bar?

Open bars are usually highly favored among guests but can leave the bride and groom with a huge financial burden. According to Cost Helper, an open bar tab can cost as much as $90 per guest, not including paying your bartenders and tipping. Yikes!

So, while it may disappoint some of my guests, no, I don't plan on having an open bar. And yes, my reception will still be the party of the decade.

SEE ALSO: If You Don't Have An Open Bar At Your Wedding, Don't Invite Me

1. I'll be saving all of that booze money for my honeymoon.

Instead of dropping literally hundreds of dollars on alcohol for my guests, I'll gladly be saving that money so that I can go to an even better all-inclusive resort with my new hubby. Maybe it's selfish, but a whole week of fun for myself is more important than one night of fun for my guests.

2. You only get one wedding, I don't intend on having drunk people ruin it.

Sure, someone getting a little too tipsy can make for a funny story years down the road, but who's not to say that someone gets way too drunk and ruins the whole day? Unfortunately, when other people drink their actions are out of your control and I would hate for one of my friends to get too drunk and really mess up my one and only big day.

3. Open bars do NOT equal a fun wedding.

Typically when I mention to people that I don't plan on having an open bar reception I get the comment "oh, so you don't want to have a fun wedding?"

Sure, an open bar can be fun, but you can just have much fun without an open bar as well. Trust me, the playlist will still be incredible and everyone is guaranteed to leave more than satisfied.

4. Everyone will be safe on their drive home.

I would never want to experience the guilt of having a loved one pass away the night of my wedding because they drank too much. Call me overly cautious, but not having an open bar is just one more way to make sure that everyone stays safe.

5. This is a wedding, not a club.

We all had our college days and early 20s to explore the party scene. And if that's still your thing when I'm getting married, awesome, but save it for the next weekend. This is a wedding that my entire family will be attending and I'd rather it not turn into an episode of "Jersey Shore."

6. Everyone will be guaranteed to remember my wedding day.

I'm not planning for months, paying thousands of dollars, and buying the most important dress of my life for people not to remember it! Sorry, not sorry.

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Sorry, But If You Propose On My Wedding Day, You're Getting Cut Off

There are 365 days in the year and you had to pick THAT one?


I know this may sound ridiculous to some people, but I've wanted to get married since I was a little kid. I loved everything that it represented. Although I could never fully picture or dream up what my wedding would specifically look like (besides various Pinterest board ideas), I wanted that lifetime love and commitment more than anything.

It goes without saying that all of my closest friends know how important marriage is for me. Knowing my perspective on marriage is a key aspect of understanding who I am as a person. I've changed in a number of ways over the years, but that one quality has been unyielding.

Recently, I've seen countless videos on Instagram and Twitter of people proposing on someone else's wedding day. And every time I see them, I think the same thing.

There are 365 days in the year and you had to pick THAT one?

Kudos to the brides and grooms who were nice enough to allow that, but that kind of thing is not going to fly at my wedding.

All of the love and attention from friends and family should be directed towards the happy couple.

If you decide to propose on my wedding day, you: 1) never paid attention during the deep and personal conversations that we had, 2) don't know me well enough to know why it would hurt me so much, or 3) are just plain selfish. Regardless of the reason, it's an unforgivable offense.

Yes, the simple act of a proposal would ruin my wedding.

I'm only going to get married once. I only get one day for that. A day that I've been anticipating for over a decade and a half. A day that I'm going to spend thousands of dollars planning. A day that I've been hoping and praying would be perfect because I'm going to remember it for the rest of my life.

That's a pretty big deal, right?

I know that there could be meaning behind a proposal on a wedding day. The whole "wedding process" started with an engagement. The wedding is the grand finale. So by proposing on someone's wedding day, you're kind of rekindling the wedding process again. A circle of life — circle of love, so to speak.

But I don't think that's cute, ESPECIALLY if it goes against a bride's wishes. I would even call that tacky and thoughtless.

To put it simply, receiving a wedding invitation should feel like an honor. The bride and groom are allowing you to come to their ceremony. And by RSVPing, you're acknowledging that you'll show your full support and be on your best behavior.

So please show me enough respect to wait at least a day before getting on one knee.

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