Asking someone if they’d rather be cheated on or if they’d rather be the one they’re cheating with is definitely a million-dollar question.

Truthfully this question is a great way to get to know someone on a deeper level. Despite the controversial issues and difficulty of this question, I was ultimately surprised by the outcome.

1. The one they are cheating with - Male

“No one wants to get cheated on because that makes you feel like you aren’t enough for them, but if you’re the one they are cheating with it makes you think you’re better than someone.”

2. Be cheated on - Female

“Life afterwards would suck at first, but then I wouldn’t be known as ‘that’ girl. Like if I got cheated on, then yeah it will suck, but I’m not at fault. But if I was the other girl, then I would get sh*t on forever.”

3. Be cheated on - Female

“I couldn’t live with the consequences of ruining a relationship and making another girl feel like she wasn’t enough for him.”

4. The one they are cheating with - Male

“Being cheated on means that person doesn’t like you or want to be with you. If they cheat with you that means they actually like you.”

5. Be cheated on - Female

“Because I would never want to be part of the reason someone gets hurt. I know how it feels to be cheated on and I would never want to be the person to make another feel that way. I don’t think anyone deserves that kind of treatment ever.”

6. Be cheated on - Male

“It’s closure, they clearly didn’t want to be with you.”

7. The one they are cheating with - Female

“If you were being cheated on, you would feel not good enough. You are not trying to intentionally hurt someone, but if you’re the one getting cheated on you would feel even worse.”

8. The one they are cheating with - Male

“Because it’s easier to break someone’s heart than it is to be heartbroken.”

9. Be cheated on - Female

“I’ve been cheated on before and I hate the feeling, but even more I can’t imagine making someone else feel that way. Getting cheated on sucks and it hurts, but down the road like in a few years you can see how you’ve grown from it and it makes you stronger. It almost sometimes becomes a joke with your friends like ‘Oh well at least he’s not a cheating loser like ___.’.”

10. The one they are cheating with - Female

“If I were cheated on, any self-esteem I had would be gone.”