I Asked 19 Women If They Would Lose Their Virginity To The Same Person All Over Again

I Asked 19 Women If They Would Lose Their Virginity To The Same Person All Over Again

"Can I say yes to the penis but no to the person?"

I've thought about this question a lot. If I could go back, would I have chosen the same person, felt the same way, or dreamt about him like I did.

My answer? You may have thought asking all of these women would change that. They brought up points I didn't consider, and they asked me questions I never would have asked myself.

I admire them all, and now I'm asking you...

If you could go back, would you choose the same person to lose your virginity to?

1. "No, only because I wish I would have given it to someone who actually genuinely cared for me...

He only used me ... we're great friends now, and he’s a good guy now that we’re older. But I just wish I would have given it to someone who actually respected me and loved me the same way I loved who I lost it to."

2. "Absolutely not!

1. We were both drunk when it happened.
2. He is literally the farthest thing from being my type.
3. We have zero connection/chemistry.
4. He started dating my cousin right after.
5. He is very degrading towards women.
6. He's cheated NUMEROUS times.
7. My husband is literally the best I have ever had."

3. "Yes I would. I know most of my friends had really bad experiences but mine wasn’t bad at all...

It was with someone I loved and although I don’t love him in that regard anymore he will always hold a special place in my heart and I wish him nothing but the best. I still feel like it was the right decision. I don’t feel like I was too young or doing it just to do it.

4. "Can I say yes to the penis and no to the person?"

5. "Absolutely, as my husband is my one and only. I waited until I got married and that is one of my life's greatest accomplishments."

6. "No, I wouldn't lose it to the same person because I, one, wanted to wait for marriage...

and two, It wasn't my choice, it was an obligation so it kinda ruined the whole sex thing for me."

7. "No..I mean I gained a good friendship out of it, but I so badly wish I would've waited just a little bit longer...

The only reason I say no is because I didn't care for him in a romantic sense. I never listened to the advice given to me, "wait because it means so much more when you actually have feelings for the person," I cannot stress enough how true that is. Not to mention, I feel as if I would've done a lot of things different, handled certain situations better and made better choices."

8. "Oh of course I would. He's now the father of my oldest two children...

we went down different paths and are no longer together but he was my first love... we made memories, experiences and a family together. He's one of the reasons I'm the person I am today."

9. "I gave it up to one of my best friends who died in a car accident a couple years later...

It's one of the best memories I have of him, so of course, I don't regret it and I wouldn't change a thing."

10. "I want to say yes and no...

Yes because I was completely in love with him at the time.

No because once we finally had sex that's all he ever wanted to do. He then left me once he got to college and found a bunch of other girls to sleep with."

10. "Yes, yes I would. You see, the man who I lost my virginity to is my first daughter's real father...

So I would do it ten times over again. She doesn't know this, at least I don't think she does. She always knew her "dad" as her dad since she was 8-months-old when we were married. He knew he wasn't the biological father, but he took responsibility anyway. I was always afraid that as she got older some cruel asshole would tell her this truth, but so far, I really think she doesn't know and I hope she never does."

12. "Yes. The guy I lost my virginity was my first love and we were super young, but I wouldn't change it.

We are still friends today and I think if you can stay friends with your first love then that's a great thing. Maybe I would change the age, but that's only because I wouldn't have been prepared for a child in 9th grade. We didn't think of that part I guess. He's still an amazing person, we were just always better off as friends."

13. "Yes, I would lose my virginity to the same guy because I am one of the few that gets to marry him!

I am so happy that he is the only one that I've been with because no one on this earth is more special to me than him. PS... we started dating when we were 17 and are getting married at 25!"

14. "No, absolutely not. Not that I regret it obviously...

It happened the way it did for a reason but I personally kinda wish I would’ve waited for it to be with someone else. I know I obviously would’ve ended up having sex with him eventually. But if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have picked him to be my first. Even though it ended up being that way and did happen for a reason. But If I had the choice on how I wanted it to be, I wouldn’t have chosen him to take my virginity, I know that sounds mean and might sound like I hate him or something. But that’s not the case. I don’t hate him at all. I hope he’s happy I really do. I just would have done things differently."

15. "Hell No!

The interesting part to this is, I was just discussing this with a close friend two days ago. When I was in middle school, I struggled with fitting in, as well as being bullied. My last day of middle school, one of the guys in my grade told me that I was not attractive and had no booty. I took this very hard and made it my mission to workout every day over summer break and look the best I possibly could.

Apparently, my hard work paid off. When I stepped foot into high school, I was a 'hot commodity.' All the older guys took notice to me right away and they all seemed to be chasing after me. When I hit sophomore year, I landed a date with the cutest, most popular senior. I was through the moon with excitement! We began to date regularly and I could not be happier.

Until one evening, I was at his house and no one was home. He turned off the lights and truly pressured me into something I did not want to do. I was mortified.The following day, the entire school knew and he dumped me at the lunch table. This experience was one of the worst of my youth and I would take it back in a heartbeat."

16. "No. I was way too young and honestly felt pressured.

I was 14 and he was 18 and I felt like to be with him—because he was so flirtatious and had a history of cheating on people—that I needed to have sex with him to keep him, which is obviously super dumb. He eventually cheated on me and left me and then was married three months later."

17. "Yes I would, he was my first boyfriend and at the time I really thought it was right and thought I was in love with him.

Sex was not special with him and I realized that shortly after. Even though I want to say no, I wouldn't. It's nice to be able to compare different people, and I wouldn't have been able to meet the amazing man I'm with now if it wasn't for my first."

18. "I always thought I was going to wait to be married to have sex so I was upset that I didn't wait...even then after it happened.

I feel that it's a very intimate thing and that's not how it was my first time. He wasn't my boyfriend, he was someone I wanted a relationship with but I would have rather stayed a virgin and had sex with someone I was 100% comfortable with and knew I was going to be with."

19. "I have a stereotypical "guy view" on sex. I wouldn't change it just because I feel the total opposite.

Sex now with my husband is incredible and empowering, but up until now, sex was just sex. Never anything more than that."

For me, the author, I lost my virginity to someone I was head over heels in love with. I waited until I was 20 to lose it, and even that wasn't a light decision for me. Before meeting him, I was with someone for two years, and never felt like he was the right person to take it, so I continued to wait. Waiting for this man was one of my favorite decisions of my life. I am genuinely proud of this because looking back, my mind and heart were in the exact same place, and I'm proud of that. He didn't rush me, he never pressured me, and he made me feel loved...even if I wasn't. When it was done, he asked me how I felt, and was nothing but a complete gentleman. Though our paths didn't continue to follow suite together, I know he was put in my life for a wonderful reason, and I'm so very blessed to have known him.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

23 Guys Admit The Type Of Sexts They’d Actually Like To Receive

I don't even know where to begin.


There are firsts for everything and it's your time to play around with sexting and phone sex. It may feel intimidating, silly, or embarrassing having to be on your toes to figure out a clever, sultry response, but don't overanalyze it. Just type what your body craves.

Be daring and take the leap to send the first sext. Once the mood is set, you're good to go and even if you're stuck, take all the time you need to send a reply—you're texting, after all.

If you're not exactly sure what to say, here are 23 responses from guys on what they'd actually like to receive:

1. This isn't porn

"I wish I received sexts that were real. Not this fake 'build a fantasy that is like porn' stuff. I just wish they were showing they wanted me. I wish they weren't the stereotypical sexts that you could find in any fan fiction or raunchy teen novel. That makes the mood vanish and I feel like they don't actually want me and just need to get off" – age 19

2. Boobs, boobies, tatas, tits, the twins

"Hey big chungus ;)) you sexy bae" – age 21

3. Abs-olutely

"Maybe an abs pic, but that's it" – age 19

4. No fun

"None" – age 18

5. It's all about the climb

"I prefer sexting that builds up: cute flirting that takes a turn. I have never really been a fan of unexpected nudes, they're cool every so often but can be inappropriate at the wrong times. If I am playing back, then go for it, but if it's out of the blue, it will be appreciated but not as much as girls may think" – age 20

6. You're on my mind

"Random dick pics without context can be kinda jarring. Honestly, I'd be happy with a shirtless pic. Or a video of him masturbating with a 'thinking of you message'" – age 21

7. Remember "Titanic"

"I want you to draw me like one of your French girls" – age 23

8. This makes me uncomfortable

"Clever shit that makes your pussy pop" - age 19

9. All of the toes or just one?

"My greatest desire is to receive some toe sexts" – age 18

10. I feel like I have to apologize to this guy

"None. Literally none. Get off your fucking phone and go talk to someone and maybe actually have some sort of physical contact for a change" – age 19

11. This guy knows what's up

"Consensual" – age 21

12. The vulva?

"Yoni" – age 21

13. Bringing the fire to the table

"It's not what you say but the energy you bring to the table. People like different things. What's important is bringing energy, passion, lust to the sext. Don't say, 'I'd like that' or 'That's hot.' Say, 'I really fucking want that right now.' Same message different intensity" – age 20

14. And the special sauce?

"I have Chick-fil-A for you" – age 22

15. Gym bro

"I want to go to the gym with you and do the hardest, longest workout you've ever done" – age 23

16. He knows what he wants

"1. Your dinner will be on the bed when you get home. Don't keep me waiting. 2. Fill me up tonight. All my entrances are yours to play with my love. 3. Can't wait to taste you tonight. 4. I found a cute couple for us to play with later. You will love her ass." – age 28

17.  Everyone loves a good butt

"Booty pics! Also of bodies and chests." – age 18

18. When did 'daddy' become mainstream?

"I want you inside me, daddy and I want you to cum all over me." – age 17

19. Anything goes

"I don't really care, anything under the sun. Butt pics are nice tbh lol." – age 20

20. Exquisite taste

"A suggestive nude with melted chocolate dripping down her body and sliced strawberries on her nipple with a condensed milk drizzle." – age 22

21. The perfect pair

"I wrote you a love letter and bought you McDonalds nuggets, I'm on my way." – age 18

22. Words > pictures

"Flirty but not vulgar, and especially no photos." – age 19

23.  I was bound to get one of these

"Send nudes." – age 18

These responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.

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14 Hookup No-No's Girls Do That Will Have Guys Missing Their Own Hand

College guys get real about what they don't like when it comes to hooking up on campus.


When it comes to complaining, guys usually don't have any negatives about getting laid, but after speaking with different guys on college campuses, they shared a few gripes about sex.

Here are 14 different guys' least favorite thing about sex:

1. Using too much teeth

"Sex is too good to have something to complain about, but I hate when a girl uses too much teeth." - 22, single

Ever bitten your own tongue? The pain that hits you feels like hell and you ask yourself why it even happened. Imagine that frustration while having sex. No dude wants to feel your sharp teeth chiseling away at his penis.

"Shit feels like sandpaper rubbing against your tip. It just hurts." - 19, single

2. When there is little effort given

"If y'all don't want to have sex, then don't do it. I can tell when you're half-assing it because I'm not having fun." - 21, single

You don't turn in a paper half-written, and you don't send text messages without words. So, don't put in half the effort when you're getting it on. If you're not into it, neither will he.

"Girls get your hopes up talking all big, then when it's time to step up and show me what she can do, she doesn't." - 21, single

3. The ending

"I don't know who can complain about sex, if you can, then I don't what kind of sex you're having." - 22, single

Hey Alexa, play" Moment 4 Life" by Nicki Minaj.

It's simple, men like sex and if there was a replay button for their favorite moments during sex, then the button would be worn thin.

4. Dry head

"Not all girls know how to get sloppy with it, they don't use enough spit." - 20, single

Cotton mouth isn't cute. There is no way either parties can enjoy the moment because one person's mouth is as dry as the Sahara Desert and the other person is dealing with the friction.

5. The clean up

"You have to do laundry in the middle of the night because you're all sweaty and the sheets are dirty, but you just want to go to bed." - 20, single

You are exhausted and all ready for bed, but now you have to get up and do laundry because of the mess that has been made. You enjoyed it while it last, but now it's back to reality.

6. Being quiet

"I feel bored, I need you to make noise or I'm going to feel like I'm doing something bad." - 20, single

You don't go to a concert and stand in silence so don't hold back during sex. Let out everything your feeling and let him know he is doing everything right.

7. The smell of latex condoms

"They smell like burnt ass rubber and like Auto Zone." - 19, single

You're riding the wave and next thing you know a whiff of chemicals blows across your nose. Having sex is an organic moment between two parties, sometimes the smell of condoms are distracting and take away from the pleasure.

8. Wearing protection

"Condoms don't feel good, they take out the feeling." - 20, single

It's more fun when he can feel everything inside. They want to take in the entire experience, from feeling, to taste, and even smell. Without feeling comes less sensation and even less satisfaction.

SEE ALSO: 8 Excuses To Use To Get Out Of Wearing A Condom

9. Being the main force for thrusting

"We're the ones who have to do all the thrusting, forward-back, forward-back, shit we get tired too." - 20, single

Next time ladies when you think you're putting in all the work, remember, the guy is the main one who has to constantly thrust and do it at a pace you enjoy.

10. Overextending your stay

"You came over for one thing, the M.O. (main objective) is completed, so you need to go." - 19, single

You don't have to go home, but you have to get out of his house. If you know you're a one night stand, don't expect it to be like a scene off of "Pretty Woman." As much as you don't want to do the walk of shame, he does not want you there.

11. Timing when to pull out

"There's always that moment when you got to think 'did I pull out?'" - 20, single

You know when you are popping a bag of popcorn and you don't want it to burn, but you also want to make sure you don't leave too many kernels, so now you have to end the microwave at just the right moment. Men have to enjoy the climax as long as they can before the tiny baby making sperm decide to change location.

12. Finding out the squad already smashed

"If she follows more than five of my teammates, issa no for me dog." - 19, single

Guys don't feel special when they know you have already smashed all of their friends. No one wants a homie hopper.

"I don't like sharing females." - 21, single

13. If she leaves any clothing on

"I understand if you're a little self-conscious, but if I want to fuck you then I'm already cool with your body." - 21, single

Guys don't see your body the way you do. You have something he wants and he could care less about your insecurities. No guy is going to pick apart your body after they have already gotten you undressed.

"I'm already hard, so I don't care." - 20, single

14. Having to take her home 

"I have to give you this work and now I have to take you home, yeah I can't stand having to do that." - 19, single

After a hookup, the last thing you want to do is have an awkward car ride home. All you can think about is the nasty stuff you just did, and have nothing to say.

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