If you had to give up one for the rest of your life, would you give up sex or bread?

A silly, seemingly easy question actually left people torn. I simply created a poll to see what people would rather give up, but I was a little surprised.

The majority of people who answered the poll said that they would rather give up all bread products than never have sex again. That wasn't really surprising at all. What did come unexpected, however, was the percentage of people who actually chose to give up sex over bread.

Out of the 55 women who answered the poll, 36.4% answered they would give up sex before they would give up their bread products. That's about 20 women.

Maybe this is a result of that "millennial culture" of ruining everything, this time being sex. Maybe bread just never disappoints them or leaves them unsatisfied.

Maybe it's just because they realized they'd have to give up ALL of the food they eat that has bread, not just refusing to eat bread alone. Sandwiches, bagels, muffins, breadsticks, and even tortillas. No thank you.

Either way, bread definitely tried to give sex a run for its money. Partners everywhere are being threatened by these glorious wheat products and they don't even know it. Women care more about basically anything else than reproducing in 2018 and we're not sorry, not even a little bit.

Let this article make you reflect. Would you rather give up your Taco Tuesdays? Your Panera Bread bakery? Your pizza? Or would you rather give up what might've just been a disappointment anyway?

You can only pick one and never have the other again. You may laugh, but I promise you, this decision is probably harder than you'd think it is.