I can't pinpoint when, but sometime between 2010 and 2018, being a brat became cool. It started out slow and barely noticeable.

I caught my first glimpse of it at prom; a girl's date wasn't giving her enough attention, so she sat down and pouted, ruining the dance he spent over $150 of tickets on to be there. From that point on, it only seemed to get worse.

We've all seen those posts on social media where girls brag about their attitudes. Those posts almost always go something like this, "lol whoever ends up with me is going to have to deal with my bi-polar a**."

Somehow, having a terrible attitude and being a spoiled brat has become brag-worthy. One day, for no particular reason, someone decided that they were proud of their shitty attitude and decided to let the entire world know, thus letting others know it was okay to act this way.

I think this trend is beyond stupid.

No, having a terrible attitude is not cute. In fact, it makes you an unbearable person. It's immature, especially when the bulk of women posting about it are in their early twenties. Grow up, and learn how to act like an adult who knows how to control her emotions and behavior.

When people see these posts, they're going to automatically make assumptions about your personality. Do you know what that does? It attracts the wrong kind of people. You're either going to end up with someone who acts just as much like a baby as you do or someone who will turn this act into something abusive. This goes for both friends and romantic partners.

I believe that you attract what you put out into the world, and if people are acting like this, I can see how finding friends is such a struggle.