Sometimes it's inevitable. That one guy friend you have is really cool, nice, tall (don't pretend this isn't a factor), and fun, and maybe you're catching feels. It might seem like a good idea, after all, you were friends first and probably know a lot about each other. But before you fall head over heels for a guy in your friend group, stop and think because it could be a lot more complicated than you think.

Here's a list of seven things to think about before you agree to that date...

1. You’re friends might be weird about it

Let's face it. You're friends are there for you and will support you, but, if your both in the same friend group, things might be kind of weird.

2. The group dynamic of may change

Your friends might not know how to act now that two of their friends are together. So, the group dynamic might change. Maybe you and your new bae will not be invited to as much or maybe not. Either way, it's still something to consider.

3. You’re going to see you new boyfriend constantly

Because a night in with your pals will probably include him, and it could be a constant cuddle sesh that you either love or hate. Just sayin'

4. You might break up… and still have to see him!

Which means you're going to have to deal with it all the damn time!

5. Your friends might have to pick sides and it might get personal

Naturally, your friends will want to be there for both of you, but they just might accidentally pick sides. That's just awkward for everyone.

6. You might lose friends

This goes back to number 5. If a friend takes his side over yours, chances are you all won't be friends anymore. No one wants to deal with a friend breakup on top of the original break up.

7. Your close guy friend won't be your friend anymore

Because you dated him! There's a good chance that, even if you try to make it work, your friendship won't survive the break up.