The other night, I was with my friends watching the newest episode of "Bachelor in Paradise," when I got the idea of applying for "The Bachelor." Now, I had never seen an episode of any of those types of TV shows. It just never interested me, and I would rather use Tinder or Bumble than a nation-wide event to find a date (even though neither app has worked out for me either).

So, with some encouragement from my friends, I filled out the online application. Here were my exact thoughts while I did so...

1. "Why am I doing this?'

2. "I'm definitely not going to be picked."

3. "Do I want to be picked?"

4. "No, this is just for a joke."

5. "Then why am I taking it so seriously?"

6. "Do I really need to include my height and weight?"

7. "This is basically a body contest."

8. "This is stupid."

9. "This will definitely make my autobiography interesting."

10. "For an introvert, I can be really extroverted."

11. "I would much rather fight other girls for a guy than have guys fight for me."

12. "Should my reason for applying be serious or funny?"

13. "Why not both?"

14. "I hope the person that reads my application gets a kick out of this."

15. "This is not the worst idea of my life."

Needless to say, I will not be finishing the rest of the application process, which includes a 10 to 15-minute video of myself and more pictures. Filling out this initial part of the application was quite enough for me.

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