The Bachelor franchise is tragically missing from our TV screens during Halloween season every year, but that's no reason to neglect your favorite show when picking out a costume.

These ideas are any super-fan's fantasy, so choose to forgo your individual costumes and join Bachelor Nation in one of these iconic looks.

2. The windmill

Jesus will still love you.

3. The fence

Need a couples costume? Make bae dress as Colton and jump over you at random moments throughout the night.

5. Jed's guitar

"I'll be your Mr. Right, girllllll."

6. Dean's mustache

Or Dean WITH a mustache. Your choice.

8. Old Matt Donald

If you dress as Matt, you NEED to mention your mom at least once a minute.

9. Cam

"Bachelor in Paradise" cheetah print Cam is the best Cam. Be sure to freestyle rap often.

10. The Sloth

Believe it or not, the sloth happened in 2019. It's been a long year.

11. Angela as a bridesmaid

Disclaimer: You MUST strut with purpose while wearing this costume.

12. Wells as the bartender

This easy costume is sure to be a hit, but you might be forced to work the bar at your friend's Halloween party.

13. Wells during Carly and Evan's baby announcement

Bachelor Nation loves a super awkward and unnecessary moment.

14. Jane and her hot sauce

You may not remember her name, but you remember her (poisonous?) hot sauce.

15. The salmon jacket

This could totally work as a group costume, too.

16. JPJ's chicken nuggets

Bonus points if you hand out ACTUAL chicken nuggets wherever you go.

17. Neil Lane

You must have at least three engagement ring options on hand at all times.

18. Chris Harrison

Classy. Timeless. Iconic. You can't go wrong with this one.

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