My first kiss went something like that.....

My first real kiss was not magical like everyone said it would be. It was more awkward then anything else. Every first kiss you have is awkward because everyone has a different style of kissing. No two people will kiss the same it's not worth trying to compare.

Bad experience 101

1. Niagara falls kisser

I had a boy who had so much extra salvia in his mouth that when he finished kissing me I swear I had a salvia mustache. It didn't help that he was also a really bad kisser. He reminded me of a baby....

2. Vacuum cleaner

This boy, I don't know what to say but his mouth was huge and it would probably be able to swallow my whole mouth. I felt small and it was not cool.

3. No sense of what they want

No, you can't just kiss my lips and get really flustered and not know what you are doing!

Don't give up because trust me when I say when you meet the guy, kissing him will be perfect no matter what.